Conservative plans for Newport are ‘half-baked, say Lib Dems

The Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats believe the Conservative plans for a Riverside Quarter in Newport will accelerate the decline of retailing in the town

LibDems at county hall, Nick Stuart, Bob Blezzard and Andrew Garratt

Nick Stuart, Chair of the Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats, Andrew Garratt, councillor for Parkhurst and Bob Blezzard, candidate for Newport West, share their response to the Island Conservatives’ Newport Riverside Quarter plans.

In his their words. Ed

This proposal from the Conservatives is flimsy political theatre. It lacks genuine detail, with just vague nods towards housing and the environment.

The decline in Newport’s retailing high street, alongside the vibrancy of the many side street independent businesses has been obvious for years. As the ruling group, the Conservatives could have started dealing with these issues years ago.

Plans will have the opposite effect
Instead, their proposals would accelerate the decline of our county town’s retailing.

And by using the Government’s controversial new planning laws, they risk creating housing of a minimal standard with the public getting very little chance to have their say.

Public assets being sold off to private benefit
We all remember that the removal of housing from the Seaclose plans was forced on them due to their inability to consider or consult people most affected.

Their plans for the harbour seem to offer public assets being sold off to private benefit.

Need environmentally-friendly building techniques
It’s right to look for solutions to the Island’s housing crisis. But this needs a proper plan to re-use brown field sites, with an emphasis on modern, environmentally friendly building techniques that use low resources and result in low running costs.

‘Half-baked’ ideas
The prime minister liked to refer to his ideas as being ‘oven-ready’.

With this Conservative idea, the public will easily see that it is ‘half-baked’.

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Saturday, 3rd April, 2021 9:00am



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13 Comments on "Conservative plans for Newport are ‘half-baked, say Lib Dems"

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I must say how throughly interesting and productive it is for the political parties to be screaming nonsense at each other over something that is so plainly ridiculous.


Welcome to the world of party-political electioneering!

Benny C
They make half formed decent points but I do agree that overall it’s counterproductive sniping likely to appeal only to really slow minds. Is that all they think they are working with? The public assets point is well started, but there is so much more to be said which would make a convincing argument no one has previously raised, with the added bonus (for the LibDems) of… Read more »
In an election it is POINTLESS to criticise the current party. Try telling potential voters, IF they will vote you in, WHAT you will do and HOW you will manage to do it. If the current party does very little, they may simply be voted back. There are many staunch Conservative voters on the island, who are unlikely to waiver due to your, or other prospective parties… Read more »

Half-baked? This lot haven’t even got an oven…

Benny C

If they’d asked Ian Ward to install it we would still be waiting, either for it to work properly or for him to finish ordering his trousers. Councillor Churchman has stepped in and promised that if she gets ready-elected she will ensure the spin cycle is fully functioning.


The retailing boat has sailed sad to say and the council waste enough money without putting resources into a dying sector they know very little about the practicalities. Maybe a market might be sustainable and give the town some colour and focus with a little encouragement?

Benny C
Well said, they’ve already put resources into retail and sent it out of town. Full marks for shortsightedness. Markets are definitely an attraction, simple and inexpensive, flexible and locally supportive. They are almost universally greeted with enthusiasm by customers IF DONE WELL. half the issue with IOWC is the constant failure to deliver to the appropriate quality to allow the solution to maximise its benefits. And just… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

BennyC – you frequently ask for a better quality candidate (whatever that means). You say “Why can’t we have a few more broadly experienced candidates?” It would be helpful if you could explain how that can be arranged.

Benny C
1. Employ smart officers who deliver, get the island moving, understand customer service, who don’t get pushed around and fobbed off so easily by central government and who are respected. Review pay scales. Hire the right people, not the available cheapest people. Invest in skill sets that will create better returns and value for money, not bodged contracts, operational bungles and Councillor led vanity projects. Money talks… Read more »

Can somebody tell me what is the point of the Fib Dem’s ???. The people we need to keep out of power are the bunch of dangerous Marxists that is Island Labour. They must not get anywhere near power in our island.


I’m hardly a scholar of political philosophy, but to my understanding the Lib Dem’s provide a voice for those who advocate a model of governance based on liberal social democracy.
This is quite distinct from the Labour philosophy of democratic socialism, which as you very well know is far removed from Marxist communist theory.


We need the change the class inequality in this country and that means a socialist society under a Labour government for the majority and not a ruling class one for the few and those dangerous middle class who will do anything to aspire to those who have the power and control.