Discussion about dress code at council meetings labelled ‘misogynist’

A discussion about the dress code for councillors attending meetings – largely referencing jackets and ties – was branded misogynist by a female councillor last night

Reg barry looking to camera in the council chamber

As reported during last night’s live coverage of the Isle of Wight council’s last meeting of the year (catch up here), a discussion how councillors should be dressed for meetings ended by being branded “misogynist”.

While councillors were debating proposed changes to the IWC’s Constitution, Cllr Reg Barry (LibDem) said he had asked the new Monitoring Officer – Chris Potter – whether he would he consider including a dress code.

Barry: It’s been absolutely disgraceful
Cllr Barry told members,

“I think Isle of Wight councillors should have a dress code. I’ve seen people wearing scruffy jumpers, shorts, it’s been absolutely disgraceful.

“There should be a code to dress properly for full council. Let’s bring the civic bit back to this council.”

Up to the Group leader
Cllr Barry said that if he and the Chairman had made an effort to wear a shirt and tie others should do the same.

Chairman, Cllr George Cameron (Con), said that years ago this was something that would have been up to the group leaders to address.

Depends on time of year
Cllr Stuart Hutchinson (Con) said it was not a matter for the constitution and added that any dress code would depend on the time of year, for example, during the summer the Chairman permits male councillors to remove their jackets and loosen their ties.

Mosdell: I actually find that offensive
Cllr Clare Mosdell (Con) said,

“Sorry but this a misogynist conversation. We’re having a great big conversation about you lot wearing ties. I’m sorry but I actually find that offensive.”

Thursday, 19th November, 2020 5:36pm


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Am I the only one who thinks what an total waste of space the IOW Council is? We are in the throws of a global pandemic. Millions have died. The Island is seeing increased cases and hospital admissions. Thousands have lost their jobs. Even in a zoom meeting the Officers are still running the show and the administration is still overriding and point scoring at every opportunity!… Read more »
Yes, quite, @alisonjane. The focus on trivia is breath-taking in this context. If Cllr Mosdell thinks it’s misogynist to discuss the merits of men wearing jackets and ties, she needs to get out more (or perhaps borrow a dictionary). Was her point that the discussion was a waste of time? Do tell, councillor! She might have tried supporting Geoff Brodie when he tried to introduce amendments the… Read more »

Are these the same counsellors who have spent a fortune on the Cowes floating bridge
Are these the same counsellors who have disrupted thousands upon thousands of lives and millions of pounds putting in an unnecessary set of traffic lights at St Mary’s roundabout
They should be acting a lot smarter instead of arguing about how smart they look.

Benny C

Well, loads of people voted for them. Maybe Thats the real lesson. Don’t vote for small town politics, vote for service delivery. These inept dinosaurs can be made extinct at the next election. It’s in our hands.

I sort of understand having a standard but if a council is to be truly representative dress is not an important issue and forcing your standards on others seems unacceptable. It strikes slightly of class discrimination. The tie is antiquated anyway when prime minsters and BBC newscasters are seen in public in open necked shirts. We’re tie wearers responsible for the floating bridge and the dubious new… Read more »
Mark L Francis
The Proud Boys have a dress code banning “flip flops, cargo pants & fedoras”. As an habitual fedora wearer I take exception. The rest of it seems fair though. I was once attacked by a skinhead(probably not a “Proud Boy ” as such for wearing an anti-apartheid badge in a pub & I was wearing sandals – which is the last time I ever wore sandals. I… Read more »