Green Party calls for overhaul of education system after A-level results fiasco

The Green Party has issued a five point plan to overhaul the education system and encourage learning for life. Details within

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News shared by Isle of Wight Green Party’s, Vix Lowthion. Ed

Ahead of GCSE results day, the Green Party has warned the recent fiasco over using an algorithm to determine results illustrates the failings of placing too much emphasis on national examinations and league tables over the learning needs of individual children.

The Greens have now called for an overhaul of the education system in order to  tackle the disadvantage and inequality within it and provide further opportunities to learn throughout life.

Lowthion: Current system is not fit for purpose
National Green Party education spokesperson, Vix Lowthion, who is also a secondary school teacher on the Isle of Wight, said:

“The education system needs a complete overhaul to bring it into the 21st century.

“The results fiasco is a clear example of how the current system is not fit for purpose. The mere idea of adjusting results by algorithm in order to fit in with league tables shows just how warped the system has become and how little it prioritises the most important aspect, the students.

“As teachers we are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow and so we must stop limiting their potential through high stakes testing which creates unnecessary pressure and instead promote a system of continuous assessment to enhance the learning of each individual child.”

Five point plan
The Green Party has issued a five point plan to overhaul the education system and encourage learning for life:

  • Trust teachers and take into account regular centre assessed grades at fixed points throughout the course for GCSE and A level
  • Reinstate opportunities for coursework and modular assessment, which was removed by Michael Gove’s reforms
  • Scrap league tables of exam results, and instead focus on reporting to parents on a mix of academic, practical and cultural achievements and opportunities for students in our schools
  • Evaluate the purpose of education, which is not merely to pass exams, but to equip young people with practical and academic skills for the 21st century. Students do not need a curriculum for the office workers of the past, but to become problem solvers of the future
  • Support educational opportunities outside of schools including home learning, adult learning and distance learning

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Wednesday, 19th August, 2020 8:11pm



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While rote learning is still necessary in subjects such as mathematics (formulae), chemistry (the periodic tables) and languages (grammar, punctuation and spelling), committing to memory vast numbers of facts in order to pass exams is probably not the best use of young people’s studying time. Teaching them how to research information and analyse it critically, how to problem solve – life skills – is far more important.… Read more »
No-one can deny, there needs to be an in-depth look at the state of exams going forward. With this in mind, I offer 2 links, which are likely to add to the debate or thought process. 1 – There is a National Education Union petition highlighting concerns about 2021 exams, which is requesting changes are made to create greater fairness for next year’s exams. Sadly, it was… Read more »

The best thing teachers could do is to stop stifling every ounce of individuality out of school children just to make their lives easy, but instead celebrate that each pupil has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, that need to be recognised and embraced.


The teaching profession is so up itself its untrue. They genuinely believe they know best. I bet a dollar to a doughnut Vix Lowthion loves to preach to her pupils about the all greatness of Green Party politics.

Steve Goodman


‘f. is so up itself its untrue. They genuinely believe they know best…’


Don’t blame the teachers. It’s the Government designed, americanised and academy run system that is to blame. Schools are made to compete by exam results, and universities have to an extent been taken over by business interests rather than research.
This is what is truly stifling any creative learning in this country.


Teachers are among the biggest whingers in the country; perpetually whining about stress and bunking off for months on end. No wonder over half of Labour Party members are either teachers or are former teachers (the latter retired at 55 on a dirty great fat pension. no doubt).

Steve Goodman


A big whinge about essential workers with a variety of experience and professionalism who also now have to deal with the seriously damaging effects of poor political choices, increased poverty, illness, disruption, and other difficulties which were much, much less of a problem when I was being taught…


Education standards in the UK have been in nose dive since 2000 (OECD rankings). Proof, surely, that teachers are, on the whole, bad at their job. As soon as something goes against them they blame the Government rather than admit they are the fault and not the cure.


Remember, it was Conservative IW Council Leader, Pugh, who destroyed education on the island, by getting rid of all the experienced professional teachers on the island.


To be fair that was some time ago. It seems a bit weak to be blaming all the ills of Island schools on an administration that ended seven years ago.

Geoff Brodie

The way this government blames everything on the government of more than 10 years ago? Personally I blame everything on every Tory government. And thanks to ‘first past the post’ voting we have had a lot of them in my 63 years!


We are the only European country to use FPTP of course. A system rejected by rational countries as it’s so easily manipulated by gerrymandering.


I hope that you blame everything on every Tory Government is meant in jest. If not, you might want to seek some help with that. Doesn’t sound too healthy to me.


“As teachers we are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow ” – pass the sick bucket


The leaders of today are nurtured by the likes of Eton with its tiny class sizes and huge budget. I like Vix’s vision of the future – that the leaders of tomorrow will come from state schools. A big paradigm shift indeed, but something to aspire to!