Islander Sows Social Media Seed To Help Dairy Farmers

Islander Thomas Cowley is doing what he can to help dairy farmers across the UK get their message out to the public

There’s serious concern in Isle of Wight dairy farming circles about the future survival of the business.

Emergency Dairy Summit - NFUReacting to that, and the same being true across the UK, an Isle of Wight technology bod has planted a social media seed to help dairy farmers.

Thomas Cowley, himself from an ex-dairy farming Island family, has sent ripples through the dairy farming world by publishing an Open Letter encouraging farmers to take to social media to spread their message far-and-wide.

Emergency Dairy Summit
It was well-timed, publishing yesterday, the day before 2,000 dairy farmers from across the UK took time out of their busy schedules to go to London for an Emergency Dairy Summit.

They and he aim to raise the profile of what they label ‘a fight for survival’ to reverse the crippling price cuts they say are being forced on to them.

Social media to spread the message
Thomas’ view is that by sharing with the UK public what the life of a dairy farmer is like, the public will have a greater appreciation of the vocation and understand better why they can’t survive the recent price cuts that are being imposed on them by national companies.

Pass it on
He’s put it up on Facebook, so go there, share it with others who might benefit from reading it.

It sounds like dairy farmers need all of the help they can get.

Image: © NFU

Wednesday, 11th July, 2012 6:01pm



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a sensible use of social media

George M

This article in the Guardian is well worth reading to get the facts of this issue…it would seem that the “processors” are the root cause of the problem..


Will this go the same way as the anti-PFI campaign?


you have pick your fights and when you realise there is no chance of victory be prepared to let it go, PFI is a monumental rip off for the island but short of storming county hall and dragging the fools out there is nowt we can do about it ,just make sure these morons are gone next year


Things change….all the time.


Sell direct to the public.


Buy your milk from the farm – we got a few here on the isle.

James P

Can I put in a word for the milk from Briddlesford? They do lovely full-cream Jersey milk (and skimmed, for the masochists) both pasteurised and unpasteurised. Given the amount of red-tape and H&S requirements for the latter, I hope they get to make a decent profit. They deserve it.


Raw is the way to go, just wish they would deliver!

Steve Goodman
It’s possible to buy good local milk, cheese, & more at our farmers markets & elsewhere. Please think about supporting our food producers, & moving towards local food security, by voting with your spending. The big supermarkets don’t need all of your money. This is one place where good natural raw milk (also popular with the royal family) is not too hard to buy; increased demand should… Read more »

Good advice this, apart from being tasty & you know where the food came from, it’s good for the environment & makes economic sense too.

Buying local as often as possible keeps your friends & family working, so think of the money you’ll save by not paying for someone else’s dole, an already wealthy landlord’s rent, council tax, etc……