Islanders for Europe to join People’s March

Islanders for Europe will join others, including tens of thousands from across the UK and Gibraltar, to demand that the people, not just Conservative ministers, have their say on the final Brexit deal.

islanders for europe

Islanders for Europe are off to the People’s March in London this weekend to join the biggest demonstration yet against the government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations.

Tens of thousands are travelling from across the UK and Gibraltar to demand that the people, not just Conservative ministers, have their say on the final deal before we leave the European Union in 2019.

The march will proceed across central London, terminating in Westminster where they will hear from speakers including the MPs Vince Cable, Anna Soubry, David Lammy and Caroline Lucas.

Lowthion: “Brexit process is a complete mess”
Vix Lowthion, spokesperson for the IW Green Party, said

“The Brexit process is a complete mess and negotiations are going really badly. This government cannot be trusted to deliver a deal which will be good for jobs, the environment and the British people.

“Brexit is far more complex than we were told by the Westminster elite – and the people must be able to reject any deal which is bad for Britain.”

Where and when
Islanders for Europe will be meeting at Wellington Arch, near Hyde Park Corner in London from 11am on Saturday 23rd June.

They will be travelling up on trains from Southampton (9.30am) and Portsmouth Harbour (8.29am).

Contact I4E by email for more information:

News shared by Vix on behalf of Islanders for Europe. Ed

Wednesday, 20th June, 2018 7:07am



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Email updates?
There are also coaches being put on from Newport or Fishbourne: ISLE OF WIGHT Coach departs from Coppin Bridge, Newport at 7.15am to catch the 8am Fishbourne Ferry where people can also join the coach. Return from London at approx. 4pm for the 7pm ferry and arrive back in Newport around 8pm. Coach travel is free of charge but Unison will be asking for voluntary donations on… Read more »
A mere 100,000 turned out for a sunny trip to London signifies that the 17.4 million that voted to leave still have the balance of power. Isle of Wight voted to leave with 61.9% in favour. To pretend otherwise is only going to make the process more difficult, but the democratic Brexit will happen regardless. Please concentrate on issues a little closer to home, where you time… Read more »
IOW guy

A lot of people who voted to leave seem to have changed their mind since. Especially now they know the leave campaign lied and exaggerated.


A “mere” 100,000, bigj? How many will you get at your funeral?
And who is representing the nearly 17M UK voters who chose to Remain?
Brexit is a ba**s-up of epic proportions, and it’s time UK woke up to the wreckage that is heading our way under this incompetent, hopelessly muddled “government”.

stock market at an all time high exchange rates are higher than when the DEMOCRATIC Brexit vote was made please read a few better informed articles because the Brexit is going to happen quite why you need to mention my funeral i just don’t know, but in reply to your childish question, i would hope that nobody attends i’m not one for flag waving and self adulation… Read more »
Steve Goodman
1. Please concentrate more on the big picture, which you seem to be missing. 2. If you and others were to concentrate on issues close to home as much as me and others do, we would not have needed to spend five years working hard to halt and reverse the decade of neglect at the Listed former Frank James Memorial Hospital, for example. Having succeeded there, we… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Today in London about a hundred thousand patriots turned out against the brexit bungle, and only hundreds turned out in support of it. “We’ve come a long way from the shock, sorrow and anger we all felt at the Brexit vote two years ago. Today’s Survation Brexit anniversary poll shows that public opinion has moved significantly since that dark day. Remain now leads Leave by 5%. People… Read more »
Steve Goodman

This morning we see that Airbus has become the latest group to point out that the Brexit thing isn’t going well.


Airbus, funded by eu is not a very good example, and certainly not unbiased.
please read better informed news reports

Steve Goodman
Please read better informed news reports and background material yourself, if you would like to know more about things like who else has pointed out that the brexit thing isn’t going well, and why, and financing, including the relevant borrowing and hedging and bailing out, and ownership, and connections, especially the political ones and the shady ones, etc., etc. And please, if possible, suggest something more informative… Read more »
I do hope that this is current enough and clear enough from The Telegraph 26 JUNE 2018 • 7:30AM Airbus threats to leave after Brexit are no more than a flight of fancy Airbus is right to highlight the potential adverse effect on its industry after Britain leaves the EU, if there are delays at European borders. However, I believe it is pointing the megaphone at the… Read more »