Islanders to protest against Isle of Wight council cuts

A group of Islanders unhappy about proposed cuts to council services, such as the Local Area Co-ordinator Programme, the loss of fire service personnel and the potential end of the travel subsidy for patients attending mainland appointments, will be protesting outside County Hall.

Stop the Cuts Lollypop:

Islanders opposing cuts to council services will be assembling at County Hall, in Newport on Wednesday afternoon, ahead of the full council meeting.

Darren Galpin told OnTheWight,

“We are opposing cuts to council services, especially the ending of the Local Area Co-ordinator Programme and the loss of fire service personnel, as well as the potential end of the travel subsidy for patients attending mainland appointments.

“We also want to challenge the impact council tax rises and other charges are having on hard-pressed residents.

“We want our council to publicly challenge the government over the negative effects these cuts are having on local communities.”

If you’d like to join them, head to County Hall for 5.30pm on Wednesday 21st November.

Image: Ajehals under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 20th November, 2018 5:21pm



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Enough is enough. Time to make our voices heard so join us if you can. #iowsaveournhs will be there amongst others.

Alternative Perspective

If you care

then be there

These cuts to local services are hitting the vulnerable residents on the Isle Of Wight really hard. The support and help that people rely on seems to be taken away so easily with no public consultation. Local Area Coordinators just dismissed regardless of the massive impact this will have to the service users, let alone the ‘knock-on effect’ to the Islands health service. Free travel for very… Read more »

Might be better off protesting outside the MPs office at Northwood House.


It is easy to object to cuts in services but if you have a limited budget with cuts from central government the council are caught with a problem not of their own making. Just an objective view.