Isle of Wight Police issue warning after elderly woman charged £2k for small amount of gardening work

A woman in her 80s was charged £2,000 for a small amount of gardening work

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Hampshire Constabulary share this latest appeal and warning. Ed

Police are investigating an allegation of fraud by deception after a woman in her 80s was charged £2,000 for a small amount of gardening work.

This took place between 12.45pm and 1.20pm on Saturday 21 September in the Sandown area.

It was reported that three men in a van, who were not known to the victim, carried out the work.

We would ask anyone who is aware of similar incidents in the area, or has seen anyone approaching their elderly neighbours or loved ones in suspicious circumstances to contact police on 101.

We are also advising people to read the following advice, to familiarise themselves with doorstep crime:

Door-to-door scams
Many legitimate businesses sell products door-to-door; gas, electricity and water companies need to visit to read your meters; and charities will often call seeking donations. But fraudsters may also knock on your door to part you from your money, or get into your home to steal from you.

Examples of door-to-door scams

  • Most door-to-door scams involve selling goods or services that are either not delivered or are very poor quality. You won’t get value for money and you may get billed for work you didn’t want or agree to.
  • Some scammers conduct surveys just to get your personal details or as a cover to sell you goods or services you don’t want or need, such as roofing work or patio replacement.
  • Unscrupulous employees sometimes still act illegally even when selling a genuine product by a genuine business. If someone knocks at your front door claiming to be from a company, first check their ID. If you’re not happy, don’t let them in.
  • Never call the phone number on their ID card to check them out. Ask the salesperson to wait outside, shut the door and find the company number on the internet. If they’re genuine, they’ll understand.

Image: David Paul Ohmer under CC BY 2.0

Sunday, 22nd September, 2019 12:52pm



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How about some empathy for this poor lady who got visited by ‘parasites’ leave Boris out of it! We as a country should be showing our elderly more respect as other countries all over the world do, even Russia! Sadly some of our elderly population are too trusting and you really do have to ask how these ‘parasites’ live with themselves after ripping off, in this case,… Read more »

Yes agree with chelsea – leave politics out of it and empathise with this poor lady and hope these cowardly thieves are caught and punished accordingly. Not sure however why the reference “..even Russia” was made. From my personal experience, Russians are far more inclined to look after their elderly relatives themselves rather than send them off to care homes as seems the norm in this country.


Hi Marty, yes that’s what I meant about Russia they do respect and look after their older population along with a lot of other countries. It is the UK who are lagging behind.


I find the crass unsympathetic unrelated comments of Mark Francis and Steve Goodman disgusting. May they live to well past their 80s and stay physically fit and never live on their own and never become mentally frail. What a horrible society the Island is becoming with people so unsympathetic to their elders when they are taken advantage of.

Sally Perry

I’ve removed them as they are way off topic