Isle Of Wight Unemployment: An Insight

We take a deeper look at unemployment figures for the Island over the past few years to give you the detail and ability to compare with the mainland.

As regular VentnorBlog readers will know we publish, on a monthly-basis, the figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on the number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) on the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight Unfilled Jobcentre figures graphSome VB readers have asked us if we have any other figures on unemployment on the Island. As the Government doesn’t publish unemployment data monthly, as it does with the JSA figures, we hesitate to use it.

We’ve had a good look at all of the other data that is provided by ONS and have found some that is updated monthly and might give a better picture of what employment opportunities on the Island are like.

It centres around the number of unfilled positions at the Island’s Jobcentre.

We’ve produced three graphs, detailed below.

Number of Unfilled positions
This simply reports the number of positions that the Island’s jobcentre had available on a monthly basis. The figures are a snapshot gathered on the day they are collected.

There are some extraordinary swings. Starting in Jan 2008, the difference between the number of jobs that are available in January and February differ massively – eg Jan 2008, 95 jobs available, then Feb 2008 reporting 613.

A large, but less-extreme swing in Jan 2009 – 49 to Feb 2009 – 193.

The most extreme is Jan 2010 which leapt from 75 jobs available to 818 in Feb 2010.

Number of Unfilled positions

JSA claimants per unfilled position
This plots the number of people claiming JSA against the number of jobs that the Jobcentre has available – eg the number of opportunities those claiming have of getting a job through the Jobcentre.

The higher the number, the harder it is for those people to get a job.

The graph compares the Isle of Wight’s positions against both the South East and the whole of Great Britain.

It’s very clear that the Island has a significantly worse position.

Unfilled vacancies vs working population

Unfilled vacancies vs working population
Comparing the number of unfilled vacancies against the size of the working population on the Isle of Wight.

Lower is worse because it shows a limit on the number of job vacancies available to those of working age.

Again, you can see the comparison against the South East and the whole of Great Britain.

JSA claimants per unfilled position

For those wanting to look further in to the Office of National Statistics figures, they have light detail guidance and one far more in depth.

What do you think?
We’d be really interested to hear what your thoughts and insights are into these figures, graphs and why the figures jumps so madly in January/Feb (We’ve got some ideas, but a breadth of opinions is always good).

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ahhh thats better. you had me all confused… still, on the subject of the story, it strikes me that if the jobcentre employed jobseekers claimants to fill all their vacant positions, they would have to lay people off due to the reduced unemployment figures… besides, think of the cost of training all those new staff. And theres always a risk that the jobcentres may actually become efficient.… Read more »
The Tories don’t care about unemployment. Their pathetic ideology is to make the rich richer and hope this money will trickle down and be invested into developing more businesses and jobs. This is just wishful thinking, because most of the rich just pocket the money instead of investing it into businesses and creating work. Even though the theory has been tried and tested time and again, it… Read more »

The National Media has recently reported that top management salaries/bonusses have increased by 49%. So there should be 49% more income available for trickling down and thus creating extra demand for services and thus generating more jobs.

Maybe more jobs will be created but probably in the German factories of luxury car makers or the Italian clothing factories of exclusive clothing and footwear brands.

Luisa Hillard

There are no shortage of jobs on the Island – as long as you want to be a chef, a carer, or cleaner.

Er .. If you look at the graph at the top of the article above it shows about 15 jobseekers for every vacancy? That means there are around 14 people out if 15 left if all the available jobs are taken. That seems quite a shortage to me. The fact that the jobs available and advertised are overwhelmingly of the menial and undervalued variety does not mean… Read more »
Steve Dobson
16 hours in considered full time work, what sort of future do youngsters have on earning less than £100 per week? Will building 1000’s of houses at Pan and Smallbrook and by allowing other councils from around the UK to allow those people on their waiting lists to move here help the job situation? Does the council have a clear strategic plan to create jobs or provide… Read more »
The island nearly had a great attraction. Centre Parcs planned to open a Holiday Park here. That would have created a mass of jobs, from unskilled to skilled. But no, people on the island went against it… Why? I simply do not know. Maybe they would have bought some of the public woods? Probably… And people didn’t like that, which again I don’t understand because the majority… Read more »

Centre Parcs are having a bumper time at the moment, 94% occupancy across all of their UK sites and they are investing further. This is the type of accommodation we need on the Island, and is part of the reason our tourism industry is flagging some much.


Fact – Centreparc make great efforts to ensure their customers stay on site, spend their money on site, eat on site.
No income for hoteliers, no income for publicans, no income for restauranteurs, no income for twee little gift shopkeepers.
A few words in the right ears and the idea was DEAD !

Your missing the point of how many jobs it would be created and those wages would be spent on the island. You think visitors who pay ridiculous prices to get the ferry over here wouldn’t go to places like Carisbrooke Castle and The Needles… Have you ever been to CentreParcs in Longleat? How many people do you think go to the manor and Longleat Safari? I’d say… Read more »
Just for your info, there is a new system coming into play. Anyone unemployed for (I think) 18 months, will now be reffered to one of 2 private agencies. These agencies are designed to get people off of JSA. One of the tricks they will be using is a dodgy apprenticeship. Folks are being farmed out to firms and paid “An apprenticeship allowance” equal to JSA. This… Read more »

Low paid apprenticeships, volunteers, cheap and non-paid labour are all a part of Cameron’s pathetic dream of the big society.

Imagine you live on an hypothetical island where one bloke has an army of robots that he improves every year, and are now able to do most tasks. He didn’t necessarily design them or build them, but he owns them. This hypothetical island as a whole could get along with food and shelter being provided for almost everyone for close to nothing because of the robots. But… Read more »
These apprenticeships, will they pay enough for the mature single adults with a home to run ..or will that over 40s age group not get offered one? Let the over 60s claim their pensions if they want and the under 21s fill their jobs.! And why not pay for re- location (1 months rent and deposit) if somebody secures a job on the mainland and has the… Read more »
Spare a thought also for those out of work who don’t show up on these figures as the statistics don’t show those only entitled to contributions based JSA (for example someone living with a partner who is fortunate enough to be in full time employment) who drop off the radar after their six month entitlement stops. Plus those who don’t bother claiming owing to the ‘kerfuffle’ involved… Read more »
Katy Bell
I have five part-time jobs at the moment. None of them where advertised anywhere I got them all through word of mouth…. So I can’t understand what your graph does when I know it is not unusual for people on the island to get employment in the same way that I did. The only time I have been in the job centre was when I was mystery… Read more »