March of the Mods 2018: Full day of Mod fun in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

March of the Mods returns to Ryde on Good Friday, 30th March, for a full day of live bands and DJs in several venues across Ryde.

modern apes

Steve Robson from Visual Impact returns for a fourth year with details of the excellent March of the Mods event being held on Good Friday. Don’t forget to buy your wristband to show your support. Ed

March of the Mods returns to Ryde on Good Friday (30th March) for our fourth year. A full day of Mod fun in several venues around the town.

Thousands of pounds have been raised each year with the money directed to the Teenage Cancer ward at Southampton Hospital that takes Isle of Wight Teenagers.

The event is part of a national charity that holds Mod related events every weekend of March and has raised £350,000 so far.

Marching Mods
Our event is the only one in the UK that has taken the name to the letter and does a “March of the Mods” between venues rather than hold it at one venue.

It’s an amazing atmosphere particularly when we arrive at a smaller venue on mass and to see 200 people plus singing and dancing having a great time at two in the afternoon is great to see and be part of.

Don’t forget your wristband
All the bands and DJs are playing for free with aim of giving people a great time and just as importantly raise a load of cash for a great cause.

We ask people on the March to buy a wrist band for £10 and we hold a raffle with some amazing prices.

Wristbands are available at Visual Impact in Newport, Bagel Wrap Coffee shop in Union Street, Ryde and online.

Ryde Pavilion
1pm – 1.30pm Dj Kaf Tan
1.30pm – 2.30pm Outta Time
2.45pm – 4.15pm Drive – Uk’s No1 Brit Pop band (pictured below)
4.15pm – Mass Photo
4.30pm – Mass “March of the Mods” to The King Lud

marquis drive

The King Lud
4.30pm – 5.15pm Dj Jon Shove
5.15pm – 5.45pm Ali Smith
5.45pm – 6.30pm Dj Dave Ryan
Mass “March of the Mods” to Coburgs

6.30pm – 7.15pm Ali Supersonic
7.15pm – 8.45pm Modern Apes 60’s/mod (pictured at top)
8.45pm – Dj then Raffle by Miss Chelle.
9pm – 10.15pm Offbeat Offensive – Top Ska band
March of the Mods to The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep – Club Lounge
10.15pm – 11.15pm Club Zooom – Simon Ball
11.15pm – 1am pm Ska Fever, Tara, Mike, Chelle

Wrist band for day/night £10 over 18s, £5 for 14-16s, children free, with 100 percent of cash going to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Buy your wrist band online, at the Bagel Wrap Coffee shop on Union St, Ryde Superbowl and Visual Impact clothes shop in Newport.

Show your support
During the day if you don’t have a wrist band that’s absolutely fine, but please don’t be offended when you get a collecting tin under you nose at every daytime venues if not wearing one.

All the bands and DJs are playing for FREE with aim of giving you a great time and just as importantly raise a load of cash for a great cause.

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March of the Mods Poster

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