Councillor calls for academy sponsor to be removed from the Isle of Wight

A motion being heard at the Extra-Ordinary Full Council meeting demands that Academy sponsor, AET, be removed from the role of managing any school on the Isle of Wight.


Leader of the Island Independents, Cllr Julia Baker-Smith, has put forward a motion for Wednesday’s Extra-Ordinary Meeting of the Full Council.

The motion follows an announcement from Sandown Bay Academy sponsor, AET, that they will consult on merging the school with Ryde Academy (also sponsored by AET).

The motion reads,

This Council is appalled at the recent behaviour of the AET Academy Chain in relation to Sandown Academy School.

The School is a valuable and important part of the education system on the Isle of Wight and secondary education provision needs to be retained, preserved and promoted in the Bay Area.

In light of the behaviour of AET and the concerns this gives rise to this Council resolves to take such steps as it can to;

  1. Approach the relevant Government Office to demand that AET be removed from the role of managing any school on the Isle of Wight.
  2. To take steps to either establish or promote and encourage the establishment of an accountable body to take on the management and running of a school on the Sandown Bay site.

The meeting follows the 6pm Annual General Meeting, which OnTheWight will also be reporting live from.

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7 Comments on "Councillor calls for academy sponsor to be removed from the Isle of Wight"

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Email updates?

Is the Councillor calling for the removal of AET from the Isle of Wight because the Green party found out during Vix Lowthion’s launch of the Green party’s education policy today outside the Sandown academy how AET management is plundering the education funds?
The Tory party will have known this plundering by AET management is going on for a long time!

Vix Lowthion
I’m pleased our IW Council is taking a strong interest in this issue – to leave an area the size of Whitwell to Brading without a secondary school is scandalous. However, I would exercise caution in demanding AET leaves. If they do it of their own accord, it would go back to the Local Authority to administer. If we remove them, the next potential route to keep… Read more »

So Vix. apart from advising caution, what do you actually propose should be done to fix this….a good hustings question for our PPCs!

Vix Lowthion
Lots of possible ways forward on this! In the immediate time, parents, teachers, governors, pupils, politicians and community leaders need ro work together to hold AET to public account and demand answers for their actions. In the longer term, if the academy sponsor abandons the school then the buildings etc are taken back into local authority control – thus there is the possibility for a LA school… Read more »
There is a secondary Free School in Ventnor which will have taken pupils away from Sandown. Trouble is that there’s nobody in charge of education provision at present: it could be the local education authority, it could be academies and it could be government funded free schools. In Ventnor we demolished a middle school and replaced it with a new primary school building while closing all the… Read more »

I assure you it makes perfect sense to the private companies building and demolishing schools.

And Tories. It makes perfect sense to Tories, who like to ensure that private companies are kept busy, in a competitive market, building and knocking down privately held, publicly funded infrastructure. Because that makes perfect free marketing sense.


The want to be Green Councillor turned out to be a Conservative/Independent spy could invite her Conservative Environment destroying friends to have a look at Conservative fracking activities in this video trailer.