New single and EP on the way from Isle of Wight band, As We Leave

As We Leave’s music is “is awash with rural Island heritage and wide-angled frames of rose-tinted nostalgia”. Check out their latest single ahead of the EP launch

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Unveiling plans for their debut EP, Isle of Wight band, As We Leave, announce details for Everything To A Point out 13th November, along with their wistful new single, ‘Hope That Kills’ – out 30th October via Isle of Wight-based, Abbey Records.

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Gambling with the hand life deals us, As We Leave’s new single, ‘Hope That Kills’ reassures it’s okay to lose every once in a while.

Offsetting the lows of missed opportunity, gently strummed strings make peace with failure and brush away abandoned pipedreams through rich sentiments of melancholy.

The band
The forthcoming single and EP features Caine Entwistle (lead vocals), Kyle Abram (keys, guitar, drums) and Tom Gardner (guitar, bass, drums).

The band have since added Kit Jolliffe (drums) to the lineup and are also occasionally joined by Antony Truckell (bass).

Entwistle: A natural, guiding principle
Frontman Caine Entwistle says,

“This is a reflection on hope, disillusion and the contradictions and beauty of nostalgia.

“When expectation and promises aren’t met, pouring your faith into something can lead to inevitable disappointment.”

Consisting of five tracks, the band’s debut EP Everything To A Point is grounded by intimate sounds of a rich DIY aesthetic.

Caine says,

“Musically, the ‘less is more’ approach is a usual theme, but that isn’t a constraint or a rule, just a natural, guiding principle.”

A coming of age journey
Like sepia snapshots frozen in time, the track listing is a coming of age journey, all from the perspective of beauty, experience and friendship. Celestial escapism distorts reality on ‘Dreamland’ whilst ‘Body Clock’ is a bleary-eyed gaze, searching for where our minds wander at night.

Riding delicate, minimalist guitar solos, ‘Counterpoint’ laments instances of betrayal by loved ones. With drowsy melodies and warm lo-fi textures, ‘Stories We Tell’ makes sense of passing time and sees the band eulogise some of the happiest days of their lives.

The band AS WE LEAVE standing on spiral staircase

The band say,

“Naturally we want people to like it.

“Maybe even relate to it, but ultimately what people take from it is their choice… it’s our job to keep making it and hope it strikes a chord.”

As We Leave are lifelong friends, all situated on the picturesque bay of Sandown on the Isle of Wight.

Their music is awash with rural Island heritage and wide-angled frames of rose-tinted nostalgia. Layers of sun-kissed Americana dazzle the edges of British vulnerability, with shared memories of school days and travelling the world all wound into the band’s rich and cohesive framework. 

Listen and find out more
You can listen to a the track over on SoundCloud.

‘Hope That Kills’ is out 30th October. Everything To A Point EP is out 13th November.

Visit the Abbey Records Website for more details.

News shared by Oliver on behalf of Abbey Records. Ed

Image: © Tom Flower

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