Principal at Ryde Academy resigns

Unexpected resignation, citing Personal reasons.

Rob Hoddle, the Principal at Ryde Academy, has made the decision of resign his post, for personal reasons.

Rob Hoddle:A letter from the Chair of Governors, Lesley Holmes, went out today to parents (below).

He took the school into its Academy status in September 2011, having previously been the Deputy Head and acting Head of Ryde High School.

The letter says that school is working with AET, who operate the school, to find a replacement. While this takes place Mrs Debbie Price continues to lead Ryde Academy in her Acting Principal role, supported by Dr Rory Fox as Executive Principal.

The letter

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Wednesday, 13th November, 2013 5:16pm



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  1. AET strikes again! Tenure as an AET Academy Principal seems to have as short a shelf-life as a football manager.

    Understandable, I suppose, as it seems failure in their respective leagues often seems to dog the footsteps of both professionals.

    • woodworker

      14.Nov.2013 6:37pm

      given that he resigned for personal reasons, Im not sure how AET strikes again.

      • Mmmm! Didn’t the current Principal of another Island AET academy also resign “for personal reasons” only to turn up later at another Island AET academy (which now also seems to be failing)?

        However having been asked to slow down expansion earlier this year and now Gove’s being concerned about Island education, perhaps AET is having to batten down the hatches on failing academies for a bit?

        One has to feel some sympathy for academy principals being set up to fail by their trusts and IWC.

        • woodworker

          14.Nov.2013 8:00pm

          no – carisbrooke is not an AET academy.

          Personal reasons means just that. If you want more detail, ask AET – they will rightly refuse to give any more detail as they are restricted by employment law.

          Whatever you do though, dont speculate. Dont make up rumours. Dont try to read between the lines.

          The man has resigned for personal reasons. End of story. You dont know what those reasons are, so do not speculate.

          • @WW You are quite right, I was getting my failing academic trusts confused.

            I have probably become too cynical with people leaving responsible positions “for personal reasons” or “to spend more time with the family” only to see them turn up later in another responsible position,

            My apologies to everybody.

          • The only thing that shows confusion, Cicero, is if you find yourself falling in unreservedly with another poster’s ‘instructions’. The observation you make about past situations is legitimate comment.

  2. woodworker

    14.Nov.2013 9:52pm

    Cicero has gone from a statement saying the principal resigned for personal reasons to speculating that he was set up to fail, or rather that “One has to feel some sympathy for academy principals being set up to fail by their trusts and IWC.”

    There is no suggestion of anyone being set up to fail. The principal resigned for personal reasons. End of story.

    Speculating about what those personal reasons are, or if anyone has been set up to fail is not only pointless, its idle gossip.

    Accept the schools statement, realise that they cannot release more information due to employment law, and move on. If more information is revealed at a later date then fair enough, but gossip helps no-one.

    • He wasn’t gossiping. People give their general impressions here. ‘End of story’.

      • woodworker

        14.Nov.2013 10:23pm

        Im not getting in an argument with you, even though you seem to want one.

        Cicero was speculating, gossiping, whatever you want to call it, that the reason for the principals resignation was something other than personal reasons.
        That is pointless speculation. Wait for the facts to emerge if they do. Otherwise dont speculate. It helps no-one. Cicero has said himself that he has become too cynical about this subject. Quite why you feel the need to try and interpret his comments in a different way I have no idea. Im quite sure he knows what he meant, because he said it.

        • @WW is right. My cynicism about Academy system in general (and AET in particular) made me speculate, perhaps unfairly. I have already apologised

          However.. as the CP website reports “He (Rob Hoddle)successfully led the school through a period of great change during and into the reorganisation of secondary education on the Island and the creation of our new Academy.”

          Yet OFSTED still levied heavy criticism on the school.

          re my comment “set up to fail”, as OFSTED put both Ryde Academy and Carisbrooke College into Special Measures and classified Medina College as Grade 3 “not yet a good school”, one wonders whether the respective Principals really had any chance of success given the major changes caused by the IWC’s hamfisted conversion of the Island educational structure and the conversion to “academies” for political ideological reasons.

          They were probably not set up to fail intentionally but equally their chances of success were/are severely limited. Hence my empathy.

        • Glad to see you’re not “getting into an argument with me”, woodworker. In this ‘ere parts we call it a disagreement. Surely no need to respond, if you really felt that way.

          I see you are entitled to say what you think, while anyone who has the temerity to disagree with you is treated as a child who shouldn’t be ‘answering back’, and just wants to start an argument!

          Whatever Cicero says, he did not focus on an individual in an intrusive way, he was giving a general impression, which we are always doing here. It’s just that you feel sensitive about teachers and teaching, (I don’t necessarily see this in other remarks of yours).

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