Shanklin South ward: Labour steps aside citing ‘ground swell’ for Richard Priest

Labour candidate pulls out of Shanklin South saying Richard Priest is seen as the clear alternative to Cllr David Pugh.

The Isle of Wight local elections are only just over a month away and indeed Poll Cards are starting to drop on resident’s doormats this week.

Peter ColemanMany candidates have already declared their intention to stand, but one particular candidate has declared this week where he won’t be standing.

A release from Sandown & Shanklin Labour Party reveals that they have withdrawn their selected candidate for Shanklin South.

Coleman: “A ground swell is taking place in Shanklin”
The candidate, Peter Coleman, who contested the South ward for Labour in 2009 and lives in the ward said, “Electors in the ward now have a clear alternative candidate (Richard Priest) to David Pugh, who has been a disastrous Leader of the County Council.

“A ground swell is taking place in Shanklin around a community based and respected local man. This is a difficult ward politically for Labour to win, and this decision has been taken to maximise the vote in opposition to the cuts in the public services to Shanklin taken by this Conservative Council.”

We understand that Peter will contest another ward for Labour in the area.

Tuesday, 26th March, 2013 4:34pm



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Hopefully the people of Shanklin won’t be complacent, this is THE opportunity to get rid of Pugh, but you know how the Tory faithful who have no real idea about the affect the cuts are having, and how Pugh has destroyed this Island, could still vote the boy blunder in. Make sure you vote for Richard, he would also make a fine Leader of the Council. Please… Read more »
Black Dog

Well done Sandown & Shanklin Labour Party for not fielding a candidate. It is essential that Richard Priest has a clear run and Councillor Pugh.

Let us hope that they go one step further and suggest to their voters to vote for Richard Priest

Mason Watch

And so it begins………


We already are


“BE AWARE MR PUGH,BE VERY AWARE”the public have had enough of the lies and deceipt,they are putting aside political ideologies and banding together to turn over this regime.The Pughreich continues to crumble.You may wish to remain in your bunker:

Steve Goodman
I’m one of the residents Crouchie refers to, in response to the actions of Mr Pugh & his gang. For those not reading the CP, here’s what was printed for me this week – “Last week’s CP reported council leader Pugh’s comments on DNA (he’d like an island dog doo database for use against irresponsible owners), and the enormous political challenge he now faces in the forthcoming… Read more »
James Luke

Does Need Asphalt?


Does Not Ask…(Islanders their views in the spirit of true consultation)


Do Not Admit?


Wouldn’t it be good if other Labour and LibDem candidates that don’t have a chance of winning, did the same in other wards where Independents are standing against leading Conservatives?

But no suggestion that “independent” candidates might do same in return? Seems a bit arrogant? The case in Shanklin is unique to this election- in general people should have a choice of voting for the party they support or no party at all. It is neither a sin, a crime or a sign of intellectual weakness to support a political party or indeed to doubt, in general,… Read more »

At the very least they should not stand against incumbent Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors. Though I bet they do.

sam salt

@ Anna. Might I suggest that my dog might be more competent than some on the Island at doing a better job. In the case of Shanklin I think a two year old could do better than the present representative. At least then we could sit them on the naughty step until they have learnt to behave and say sorry.

Don Smith

They just stand to booster their egos.

Some Councillors get paid over £8.000 and one councillor has only attended half a dozen meetings in a year.

Do we pay for them to use mobiles and lap tops to run their businesses? Time a few checks were made.

See the full list of expenses etcetera on the IWCW site. Money for jam mi thinks.


I wonder if Pugh has a safety net – will they take him back at the sweet counter?

Mason Watch

Excellent idea, I am told he has retail experience……


But whether at sweet or stationery counter, I’m afraid that any breach of trust on the part of the employee is grounds for instant dismissal. Things not looking too promising on that score to date.

mike powell
That’s terrific news; Richard can do this! The reality is that only an Island Independent vote will be capable of bringing about a wider change on the Island on 2nd May, with over 30 candidates standing. I am throwing my hat in the ring for Carisbrooke, on the basis that eventually you have to put up or shut up. Things could be so much better on the… Read more »
Don Smith

Best wishes Mike and thanks to Peter and the Shanklin Labour Party. This is the way to get rid of the Tory
leaders YES men.

Labour don’t seem to have done anything noble here, but say “This is a difficult ward politically for Labour to win”. Now Richard is standing, they presumably think they have no chance at all, & might as well save their resources for more likely wards. If I wanted to vote Labour in Shanklin I might be quite annoyed that Labour gave up the fight, & wonder at… Read more »
I do not believe it

Yesssssssssss! Good news!

Build up the groundswell. Support Richard Priest and PUNISH PUGH.

Now the next target -” Runaway Giles ” – he must be jilted!

Robert Jones
tryme is being a little ungenerous; I shouldn’t describe the Labour Party’s decision here as “noble”, necessarily, but it is practical and realistic. Peter Coleman is, amongst other things, a former Director of Organization for the Labour Party and well used to fighting and winning elections. His intervention in this ward could have tipped the balance, although realistically he had small chance of winning the seat. I… Read more »

“underestimating him would be a big mistake”

Agreed. He will be having his teeth polished as we speak…


I was quoting the Labour man himself, & you agree it wasn’t a case of being noble, Robert, so I don’t think I was “ungenerous”! It was an observational comment really.

Stewart Blackmore
Absolutely on the button Robert. Peter Coleman has done the right thing; the priority must be the scalp of David Pugh and Richard is one of the few who has a real chance of unseating him. I have no doubt that Peter will be using his winning experience to help and encourage others in the Labour Party (myself included in Ventnor West) where we have a fighting… Read more »

There were great hopes of getting shot of POOH last time around ! The blue rinse set in Shanklin keep voting him in .. time to wake up and smell the roses.

mike starke
Peter Coleman’s pragmatic and mature decision is to be applauded and his obvious integrity deserves support, wherever else he might choose to offer himself for election to the high responsibility of public office. In response to “Anna”, I would just like to remind her that voting for a political party in local government means that the successful candidate is bound by a set of rules that the… Read more »
Good to see someone adopting the common sense approach – a real collector’s piece. It may be good enough for the modern Conservative party to live by their philosophical founder’s claim that “The age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators, has succeeded”, but I prefer the Dickensian view of revolution, (for a step change in local administration is what is needed). “It was… Read more »
The current Council’s reign has been a disaster for the Island. Whatever your political views I hope that you agree with me that they must at all costs be voted out. Whoever you vote for don’t vote for The Conservatives this time at least.They need a lesson in voter power. They have been in power for too long and that always leads to incompetence on a grand… Read more »