Share your view with Island Roads on their performance across various services

Isle of Wight residents are invited to share your views on a range of services provided by Island Roads, including resurfacing, winter maintenance, street cleansing, verge and grass cutting and customer services

Fishbourne Lane

Island Roads is once again seeking public feedback on the highway services it delivers.

Each year in February Island Roads undertakes its annual customer survey encouraging residents to feedback on the range of services provided including road and footway resurfacing, winter maintenance, street cleansing, verge and grass cutting and customer services.

The survey, which launches on Monday and comprises 12 questions to cover the main service areas, is part of a range of measures used to review performance and help determine how year-on-year improvements can be made.

A chance to gauge your views
Steve Ambrose, Island Roads business manager said,

“As an organisation we are committed to delivering our work to the highest standards not just in terms of our contractual requirements but also to the satisfaction of the local community.

“We do get a lot of feedback including plenty of compliments which are always very welcome, but the survey allows us to formally gauge people’s views across wider aspects of our service which then allows us to identify any improvements we may need to make.

“It has been a particularly challenging year, because of the Covid pandemic, but as key workers we have continued to provide the services necessary to maintain a safe network. We will therefore be particularly keen to hear how the community feels we have performed over the last 12 months.”

Respond online
Given the current lockdown residents are encouraged to respond to the survey online, however paper copies will be available on request for anyone who does not have access to the online version and would like to take part.

Residents have until 28th February 2021 to complete the survey which can be completed online via our Website from Monday.

Paper copies can be requested by email to [email protected]

News shared by Gavin behalf of Island Roads. Ed

Wednesday, 27th January, 2021 8:38am



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Geoff Brodie

Typical Island Rogues. Promote a survey today, but don’t open it until next week, by which time most readers will have forgotten about it.

Personally I think IR do a great job. I had no problems at all when my pavements were done. They actually went over and above helping me in and out with my bin too. Surely it’s up to media outlets when they run the story and it seems they have done so before the link went live. I’m sure people will remember the link and if they… Read more »
There is the small matter of Island Roads not fulfilling their contractual obligations to upgrade the vast majority of the highway network (including footways) by March 2020. They have suffered almost no financial penalty whatsoever and are now basically allowed to do whatever they feel like doing as the contract has not been enforced. This almost certainly has cost the public millions of pounds. But obviously they… Read more »

Why bother with informed comment when petty sarcasm will do, eh?
Never a good look but one you are sadly well accustomed to.

Ah Tyke, the resident Island Roads apologist. Haven’t seen you on here for a while. Are you activated when someone posts an unpleasant truth about the total mismanagement of the Highways PFI? Besides, what I posted was informed sarcasm. I would challenge you to prove me wrong, but we’re done this dance so many times. Debating this with you would be as fruitful as shouting at a… Read more »

“Shouting at a wet balloon”

A confused analogy entirely in keeping with your flimsy grasp of the issue.

Thank you very much for that quality retort. I wonder if I might point out a couple of things. Firstly you appear to not understand what an analogy is, because what you have quoted isn’t one. Secondly I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t actually engage in the debate nor refute anything I said and are relying entirely on ad hominem attacks. So clearly I am… Read more »

No, a fine use of language and a point well scored.

You are too kind, lauque. However after consideration I must do something that is almost unheard of around these parts and admit an error. I regret that I was incorrect when I claimed to use a metaphor. After careful analysis I now consider it to actually be a simile. Silly me! My family name will be tainted with the shame of this for generations to come. I… Read more »
For years Islanders complained about the state of the roads and rightly so. The council pay IR to sort them out which as far as I can see they are doing. St Mary’s roundabout is now a breeze and even after lockdown when there’s more traffic I believe it will work so much better than what was there before. I’ve seen yellow jacketed workers continue through lockdown.… Read more »
Good grief, I truly despair. Well, ‘as far as I can see’ isn’t really a proper way to measure a contract is it? They agreed to a specific amount of improvement within 7 years, for which they are being paid handsomely. They haven’t done it. They should have been subjected to substantial financial penalties, but the IW Council has let them off. Meanwhile 10 months after they… Read more »
Benny C

So the root of the problem is IOWC. Any contractor with sub optimal management control will take the most profitable route, that’s commercial reality. Step forward Ian Ward, cabinet member accountable for infrastructure. The Council have mismanaged a contract they didn’t fully understand. They are the real issue here.


Island Roads (Ringway/Vinci) have a contract management team many times the size of our council PFI/Highways team, who are solely focusing on avoiding fines and finding loopholes in the contract to make more money out of us.

When their reign is over.. I truly hope our Isle of Wight highways are taken over by in-house council teams.

Steve Goodman

Returning that and other essential public services to more direct, accountable, and better value for money control is increasingly desirable in response to the long-established pattern of paying more for the privatized delivery of usually worse services.

Benny C
Poor delivery by IOWC got us IR in the first place. They managed our money so badly and employed such inept management that they caused the problem we have had to pay to solve. It was east for the private sector to swoop on them. Points scored for the innovation though, we had to go something to get out of the pothole we were in – broadly… Read more »
Steve Goodman

I’m reminded that ongoing maintenance was always manageable without pricey PFIs, that the con. council quietly cut back before doing the dirty deal, and that (unless I am mistaken, in which case Phil Jordan or somebody might help) the contract has not altered the fact that all but two of the Island’s roads are still basically just tarmacked tracks.

Phil Jordan
Sadly, not even tarmacked tracks or roads. The CIP which should have seen around 750 kms of our roads resurfaced during the seven years still remains to be completed under contractual obligations by around 150kms. The changing narrative by IR and accepted by the new IWC contracts management attempts to dispel this fact by asserting the contract is quality based and not quantity based. That is false.… Read more »
Benny C
Maybe – PROVIDED they employ sufficiently skilled folk to ensure we don’t regress to the terrible state the roads were in when they had responsibility for them previously. Decades of poor management and equally poor operational execution doesn’t exactly build a track record which will inspire much confidence. Add Ian Ward into the mix for leadership ineptitude, accountability failings and costs, all of which will surface and… Read more »
Steve Goodman

I’m reminded that a decade ago the magnificent Mike Starke crunched the council numbers on our behalf to reveal that the torys who lumbered us with this expensive scam scheme had previously been quietly slashing spending on road maintenance to produce the terrible state referred to…


Our road is like a ploughed field, priorities are all wrong all they ever do is quote the law as an excuse not to do something but their brilliant at giving out notices. What a waste of time just like the floating bridge.


Before Island Roads re-direct traffic along other roads they should ensure those roads are fit for purpose; filling in potholes etc, even if they sub contract to ‘Bodgit and Scarper’ their usual practice! I refer to the redirected traffic from Tesco to Ryde; The pothole! need a 4×4!!


They are a shambles and don’t fulfill their contractual agreements and I give them a minus of of ten.