Stop trying to pay the £1 overnight parking fee

The council’s notices are causing Islanders to get confused and irritated after trying to pay for the new £1 overnight parking charge. Here’s why you can keep hold of your £1 coins … for the moment.

£1 parking attempt

As reported by OnTheWight two weeks ago, although the Isle of Wight council have signs up around the Island about a new £1 charge for overnight parking, the charge has not yet been introduced and may not for a number of weeks

The signs which explicitly state, “This Notice will come into effect from 06 April 2019”, have left many Islanders confused and irritated.

OnTheWight have seen many posts on social media since 6th April made by Islanders frustrated by the ticket machines not accepting £1 payment for post-6pm parking.

Jarman: Machine “refused to take my £1”
Last week Freshwater resident, Chris Jarman, got in touch after he’d tried to pay for post-6pm parking in Yarmouth.

He said,

“Notice states £1 after 18:00 from 6 April 2019. It was 18:45.

“Went to parking meter. Put in £1. Press green button for ticket – display shows “Insufficient money” and refused to provide ticket.

“Try Paybyphone – no such tariff. Call Paybyphone – no such tariff and refuse to take my £1!”

Where is the duty of care?
When we pointed him to our article from a couple of weeks ago, Chris replied,

“Don’t they have a duty of care – ie to post signs at each location revoking the existing notices?”

Save your £1 coins
If you are planning to park in any of the car parks or areas set out in our recent article, put your £1 coins away for the moment.

Monday, 15th April, 2019 7:56pm



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Email updates?

Yet another council blunder… The sensible route would be to update the machines first, then put a notice up, not the other way round. How difficult is that ?


So how will we know when the charge is introduced? Or do we wait to get a ticket first?