£1 overnight parking charge locations on Isle of Wight (updated)

The definitive list of every location the Isle of Wight council are planning to charge you £1 to park in the evening. Each street, road and car park, to help you avoid unwanted parking tickets.

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The Isle of Wight council (IWC) recently approved plans (25 in favour and 14 against) to introduce a £1 overnight charge for all chargeable on-street and off-street parking areas.

OnTheWight has put together a comprehensive list of all locations where this new charge will come into force.

Coming soon
Although the notices tied to lamp posts around the Island “This Notice will come into effect from 06 April 2019”, the IWC have confirmed to OnTheWight say they do not yet have a date for when the £1 overnight charge.

However, they do say it’ll be introduced in the coming weeks and further announcements nearer the time.

The list
Below is the comprehensive list as provided to us by Isle of Wight council. Note some areas run 6pm-8am and others 6pm-10am.

Use the Search box at the top of the table to find whether streets or car parks you use will be affected. You can search by street name or area. You can also click on the column titles to change the order.

AreaStreet namePeriod
BembridgeLane End6pm-8am
CarisbrookeHigh Street Car Park6pm-8am
ChaleBlackgang Viewpoint6pm-8am
CowesThe Parade6pm-10am
CowesBrunswick Road6pm-8am
CowesMornington Road6pm-8am
CowesCross Street6pm-8am
CowesSt Marys Road6pm-8am
FreshwaterAvenue Road6pm-8am
FreshwaterColwell Bay6pm-8am
FreshwaterFreshwater Bay6pm-8am
FreshwaterMoa Place6pm-8am
LakeNew Road6pm-8am
NewportCoppins Bridge6pm-8am
NewportCounty Hall Complex6pm-8am
NewportMedina Avenue6pm-8am
NewportMedina Campus6pm-8am
NewportNewport Harbour North and South6pm-8am
NewportSeaclose Recreation Ground6pm-8am
NewportChapel Street6pm-8am
NewportChurch Litten6pm-8am
NewportLugley Car Park6pm-8am
NewportNew Street Car Park6pm-8am
NewportSea Street6pm-8am
NewportHigh Street6pm-8am
NewportHolyrood Street6pm-8am
NewportLugley Street6pm-8am
NewportNew Street6pm-8am
NewportOrchard Street6pm-8am
NewportPyle Street6pm-8am
NewportQuay Street6pm-8am
RydeCanoe Lake Road6pm-10am
RydeNorth Walk6pm-10am
RydeAppley Park6pm-8am
RydeGarfield Road6pm-8am
RydeGreen Street6pm-8am
RydeQuay Road6pm-8am
RydeSt Thomas Street Upper and Lower6pm-8am
RydeVictoria Street6pm-8am
RydeLind Place6pm-8am
SandownCulver Parade6pm-10am
SandownDinosaur Island6pm-10am
SandownFort Street6pm-8am
SandownStation Avenue6pm-8am
SandownThe Heights6pm-8am
SandownSt Johns Road6pm-8am
SeaviewThe Duver6pm-8am
SeaviewPuckpool Park6pm-8am
SeaviewPier Road6pm-8am
ShanklinAtherley Road6pm-8am
ShanklinEsplanade Gardens6pm-8am
ShanklinHope Road6pm-8am
ShanklinOrchardleigh Road6pm-8am
ShanklinSpa Site6pm-8am
ShanklinWinchester House6pm-8am
ShanklinLandguard Road6pm-8am
ShanklinVernon Meadow6pm-8am
St HelensThe Duver6pm-8am
TotlandEsplanade Car Park6pm-8am
TotlandBroadway Car Park6pm-8am
VentnorEastern Esplanade6pm-8am
VentnorCentral Car Park6pm-8am
VentnorLa Falaise6pm-8am
VentnorSmugglers Haven6pm-8am
VentnorThe Grove6pm-8am
WoottonBrannon Way Car Park6pm-8am
YarmouthHigh Street6pm-10am
YarmouthRiver Road6pm-8am

Blackgang Viewpoint?
Surprisingly, the list includes Blackgang Viewpoint car park, which doesn’t currently charge at any time of the day for parking.

The car park was also included last year, but after querying it with the IWC last year, they admitted it had been down to ‘human error’. We’re not sure what the position is this year.

Update from IWC
Following publication of the article a spokesperson has been in touch to say:

No charges are envisaged at Blackgang Viewpoint. The item appears on the list only because the Notice is a variation to the existing Parking Places Order which as you correctly note did include Blackgang. Blackgang Viewpoint Car Park has not been removed from the Parking Places Order, but there is currently no intention to change the parking arrangements there.

Image: bearpark under CC BY 2.0

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Well done IWCC for finding a way to cause the maximum inconvenience whilst raising practically no money in the process.


So, who is going to police this? 24hr Traffic Wardens? What will that cost? Shameful action by our pathetic council, just what we’ve come to expect.
You can bet the new St. Mary’s roundabout that nobody wants will go ahead too. They just don’t listen to the population.


You can guarantee that the generally well off Tory fools who voted this through have a nice drive to park on. Another way to tax the less well off on the caring blue Isle of Wight. We can only hope that when the Sea Eagles arrive they carry dinky Dave away.


It starts off at a pound but for how long? The floating bridge started charging pedestrians 20p, months later £1.


How will this work if I park at 1630, buy the maximum 2 hour ticket, but don’t expect to leave until 2200.

I trust all the machines, including those that don’t exist at Blackgang viewpoint, have already been reprogrammed to issue a single purchase ticket that crosses from the peak, pre 1800, rate into night rate charges?


Interesting point,Mariner…. I wonder if the numpties have thought of that… It would require a question on the ticket machine… ‘ Do you want a 2 Hr ticket or an all night ticket’ ?

It’s not even a question of the rights or wrongs of introducing the charge but simply that it must accommodate all those people who want a pizza, or indeed any restaurant, after the cinema or late shopping for example, or indeed any other reasons. If ,however, the cost of properly introducing the charge, which may well include the need to update or even replace the ticket machines… Read more »

Blackgang will never be charged for, there is a caveat attached to the land amongst other rules, also you may well find it’s owned by a closely situated business who purchased it with the aforementioned caveats attached.


Haven’t Ventnor Town Council taken over some of the car parks in Ventnor?
How can the IOW Council put charges on them?


Many residents in the towns use the car parks overnight when returning from work because there are either parking restrictions outside their homes or not enough space for everyone’s cars overnight and go before charges start the following day. Is this going to be known as the “tory town tax” as the IWC seeks to penalise the less well off for not having their own driveways?


This is totally mad. Whoever thought this up is insane. What is the logic behind this plan and who is going to police it.?

Whilst there is a current article on parking charges, perhaps the IWC would like to tell us more about visitor parking permits. 7 days £39.25. That’s what it says on the IWC website. I wonder how many visitors feel this is good value? Having probably paid a lot of money to get the ferry here, they then find that the rip-off IWC would like to charge them… Read more »

Presumably, IWC will have to alter ALL the charging signs and time plates? On The Wight readers know what is happening, but other islanders may not; and visitors will not know about the new scheme unless the above is put in place; or, is that the plan, to fine all visitors? Coincidentally, was the morning of 1st April when this information was formalised?

Good point. Perhaps the IWC might like to enlighten us to the cost of making and changing all the parking signs that require changing by law. Then there will be the cost of updating the software(?) for the parking machines. How much is this going to cost. Come on IWC you will of course have done the costings? What is the answer? Remind me, who is the… Read more »
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