Totland landslide and seawall damage caught on film

Excellent capture on video of the massive damage to the seawall from the Totland landslide

Many thanks to On The Wight reader John James for sharing a video shot by Stephen Plummer last week of the landslide between Totland and Colwell Bay.

As you can see from the footage below, this is not just a case of some rock and earth sliding down the cliff blocking the path.

It’s very clear that there’s been significant movement in the seawall, creating the very large cracks along the path.

The video footage really succeeds in conveying quite how serious this landslide has been.

For obvious reasons, it is now closed off to the public.

The council have placed barriers up on either side of the landslide.

Monday, 31st December, 2012 2:31pm



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5 Comments on "Totland landslide and seawall damage caught on film"

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Email updates?

Can’t see the council fixing that anytime soon, or ever.

Mark Nagle

oh I thought that WAS after the council fixed it!!!

Footpath closed: subsidence. Road closed: not enough salt. Library closed: can’t afford the staff. Toilet closed: let local businesses provide them. Need a pee ? then buy a tea. Tourist Information Centres closed: who needs them ? And what’s for sale in 2013 ? Toilets. Library buildings. Free Car parks (no income). Public buildings with capital potential. Roll up roll up. Close it down and sell it… Read more »
Mark Fisher

I believe this is what the County Press described as ‘cracks have appeared in the sea wall’

Barry Larry

If these are ‘cracks’ then i believe we are going to need some very big buckets – and quickly before its gets any worse. Are these structures not monitored any more because global warming and seasonal exceptions are not exactly new News?