Honda NC700, CBR500R and MSX125 mini-reviews for Church Street Motorcycles

Church Street motorcycles lent us the keys to Honda’s NC700, CBR500R and MSX125. A very enjoyable week was had riding them and here’s what we found.

CRB500R on Shanklin sea front

Church Street Motorcycles in Ventnor got in touch a short while ago and asked us to have a ride of three of their new bikes – the NC700S; CBR500R and MSX125.

They’re all distinctly different from each other – each with their own plus-sides.

They got used on lots of different types of trips, including one day riding around the Dinosaur Island app locations, others into Newport for meetings and just for pleasure rides.

Frankly any of them work well around the Island and the mere fact of the trips being on motorbikes made the journeys all the more enjoyable.

Free bike parking
One thing we were reminded of when we came to a stop was that Council car parks (and on-street bays) still offer free parking for Motorbikes – a massive boon at the current parking charges.

Having had an enjoyable journey, particularly to Newport, when you can just sail past the lines of cars waiting for traffic lights, then to just jump off your bike without having to think about stuff like putting money in the parking ticket machine – your joy is multiplied.

Here’s a quick overview of our impressions of the bikes in the order they were ridden. Best thing to do is to get in touch with Church Street Motorcycles, on 852 232, and book a test ride.

Honda NC700 S
If you’ve got a bike licence, but haven’t ridden for a few years, Honda’s NC700S could well be the bike for you to re-awaken your memories of the freedom bike riding gives you.

NC700 at Compton bay

It’s off-beat engine rhythm delivers low-down power that makes it a doddle to cruise around in pretty-much any gear, then open the throttle when you need to get a shift on, without scaring yourself.

A really easy ride, built for convenience, with a compartment by the tank big enough to store your crash helmet. You’re then free to walk around without being encumbered by your helmet.

Cost: Three models in the range, starting from £5,499 otr

Of the three bikes I tested, this was my favourite. The CBR is a good candidate for the bike you might get after you’ve re-acquainted yourself with biking.

CBR500R on Ventnor Downs

It’s free-revving, with a high power-band, so it’s keen to go, but without it being a crazy thing.

It handles really well and I found it a delight to ride.

If you’ve got it parked outside your place, you’ll continue to find excuses to go out and ride it.

Cost: £4,950 otr

MSX 125
The MSX has been designed from the outset to be fun to ride, having said that, it’s also pretty happy to cruise along at 60MPH at under 6,500 revs – plenty for the Island.

Given its Mini-bike label you might think it feels small – It certainly doesn’t feel like it. In fact its size gives it extra ‘chuck-ability’ around corners.

In summary – Fun, good handling all at a keen price.

MPG: Around 120MPG
Cost: £2,600 otr

Contact details
Church Street
Isle of Wight
PO38 1SW
01983 852232

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