Council fully close Newport Road, Ventnor due to ground movement

Council confirm the road is now fully closed between Gills Cliff Road and Down Lane whilst emergency works take place.

Newport Road, Ventnor

Further to our earlier post about the partial close of Newport Road, Ventnor. This in from the council, in their own words. Ed

Newport Road (between Gills Cliff Road and Down Lane) has been closed to all traffic until approx 3pm on Thursday 28 March so that essential works can be carried out.

A section of the road, along with a retaining wall have been damaged by recent ground movement. An emergency road closure has been put in place while repairs are carried out.

Access to Wroxall and Upper Ventnor businesses will be maintained from the Whiteley Bank Crossroads direction.

A shuttle bus will be in operation from this lunchtime and then between 7am and 7pm each day from Wroxall to Shanklin during the works.

B3327 Ocean View Road, Mitchell Avenue and St Boniface Road, A3055 Leeson Road, Bonchurch Road, Cowleeze Hill, Church Road, Old Village, High Street (Shanklin), A3020 Victoria Avenue, Cliff Bridge, Godshill Road, Whitelely Bank, B3327 Wroxall Road, St Johns Road, High Street (Wroxall), Clarence Road and Newport Road.

Traffic travelling between Newport/ Godshill and Ventnor should use; West Street (Godshill), Whitwell Road, High Street (Whitwell), Ventnor Road, Whitwell Road and Upper Gills Cliff Road.

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Monday, 25th March, 2013 12:32pm



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No 3 bus diverts from the top of Ocean View Road into Gills Cliff Road and then via Whitwell to Godshill. Same coming back.


WOW!!! Have they actually listened to us and taken onboard our complaints???? Must be a first.
So this PFI nonsense means that IWC repair it or our new road owners cough up for it? I didn’t see it on the magic road list our inglorious leader posted here… but maybe I missed it being a pleb and all that!

Errr…no closed any longer! It appears that the problems with the lights were more than first reported. One set of lights were vandalised at a cost of £8,000 worth of damage, then the 2nd set were swiped! So the road is closed – sort off…just walked past and the workers were packing up and the road is now ‘open’. One cannot blame the workmen BUT – is… Read more »

The situation is changing. 10 minutes ago I saw a taxi wend its way around the cones and gates to get through, even though there are ‘Road Closed’ signs. Then I saw a police car go that way so maybe they have closed it off properly again.
Much depends on the driver’s attitude and determination it would seem.


When is a road closed not a road closed when its in Upper Ventnor!

So as of yesterday I was told the road was open, but I then witnessed a policeman stop and give tickets to a number of drivers coming both ways through the ‘road works’. So.. the official stance is that the Road is closed until tomorrow and I even witnessed some serious steel girders being dropped off to perhaps do a repair… but I cannot see how these… Read more »
In just walking past, it appears that the steel work is going into holes cut into the pavement on the ‘east’ side of the road. As to the road surface itself, after 3 days of work there are a couple of patches of tarmac laid into the bigger holes and as I earlier mentioned, on the pavement (western side) they’ve squeezed some tarmac into the cracks –… Read more »

Thurs. 28th: road has been open all day, but one of the pedestrian pavements is still closed off and contains a lot of the contractors stuff.
Maybe they will clear that up next Tuesday ? After all, it is a holiday

Carrie wright

It’s fine doing the road but wht about the people that work in lower ventnor and live in upper ventnor , are the council , or island roads going repay the extra petrol , time etc that it takes , just stupid to have one road going down to lower ventnor !


Walking is good for you.
Apologies if you are disabled.
Are you suggesting another road ? If so, what route would it take?