Damien Nettles: Petition To Explore Possible Burial Site in Parkhurst Forest

Online petition has been launched to seek permission to dig for Damien’s remains at a possible burial site in Parkhurst Forest

Sister of Island teenager Damien Nettles, who has been missing since November 1996, has launched a petition and appealing for Islanders to help.

Damien NettlesAs many readers will know, the family believe it’s highly likely that Damien was killed, but his remains have never been found.

Sarah says in the petition that back in 2011 the family received information that some of Damien’s remains lay in a shallow grave in Parkhurst Forest.

Information dismissed by Police
She said the Police dismissed the information stating the source was unreliable due to his criminal past.

More recently, however, the family were advised of the same deposition site via Paranormal means.

Sarah says, “Although my family understands that these means are not conventional, the fact that the information provided, backs up the information we received from real sources should be considered.”

Permission rejected
According to Sarah’s petition, “Hampshire Constabulary and the Forestry Commission refuse to allow my family and friends to dig the site in Parkhurst Forest at our own time and expense. They have advised that anyone who goes to dig up the site in Parkhurst Forest will be arrested.

“This petition is crucial because my 16 year old brother’s remains (that may have been laying there for the same time as his age when he went missing) could be in the forest.”

Peace of mind
She continues, “For our family’s peace of mind, and for the sake of my brother who deserves to be found, we need to know whether or not we can check this location off of the list. We need to know if his remains are there or not. And if they are, we need to be able to finally lay him to rest.”

For more information see the Petition

Wednesday, 23rd May, 2012 12:55pm


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6 Comments on "Damien Nettles: Petition To Explore Possible Burial Site in Parkhurst Forest"

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I have signed the Petition because I feel the Police should take notice of all information relating to Damiens whereabouts, no matter who gives it to them.

It could well be that the person the Police have dismissed, turns out to be the most accurate with their information.

If the Police really want to find the killer or killers then no stone should ever be left unturned!!

Peter E

Sorry, but digging up the forest on the say so of a psychic would make the police look a little stupid. In my opinion.


I wish to express deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Damien.

But this story begs the obvious question. If it were possible to communicate with someone in the spirit world, why not just ask them what happened to them?

Farmer Palmer

It’s worth trying as it can’t be any worse that what the police have done so far ( which includes losing video evidence ).

Dave C

Doesn’t exactly make the police smell of roses when poor Damien’s family trust a So called ‘psychic’ more than the very people who should be helping to end their agony. Very sad, can’t imagine how his mother must feel.

John Williams

The Police have relied on psychic evidence in the past. If this information echoes that from the criminal informant, was obtained independently, and identifies a particular area of the Forest, I can see no reason to avoid a search in an effort to relieve the family’s period of lengthy suffering.