Damien Nettles: £10,000 reward for info leading to missing teenager’s remains

The reward does not relate to any prosecutions or naming of people involved. Simply information leading to the remains of the missing teenager. You have 28 days in which to come forward. After that the reward offer will close.

Damien Nettles:

Readers will remember the announcement made in July that an anonymous local business man is putting up a reward of £10,000 for information leading to the remains of missing teenager, Damien Nettles. Today the full details of the reward have been released, thanks to Kaley for sharing with OnTheWight readers on behalf of the business man. Ed

The £10,000 reward is for the precise location of the remains and does not require anyone to be arrested, charged or convicted for the reward to be paid, indeed I would prefer not to know those details if at all possible, that is a matter for the Police.

Communicate via email
Anyone with information MUST email the following address: [email protected]

No other means of communication are available.

Anyone with information about the events of the night Damien disappeared, who is unable to provide a location, will be directed to speak to the Police.

I will respond to ALL emails personally, seek clarification of how they know the location, and if they can’t convince me of the veracity of this information we will not act upon it.

What we really are looking for is one of the people who were there when Damien’s remains were buried, to come forward anonymously and provide the location.

Cadaver dog team
Once I am convinced that the information is genuine, the cadaver dog team will be tasked with searching for the remains.

If they are discovered, and confirmed to be those of Damien, then I will email the details to the person who provided the information and they will be able to go to any cashpoint in the UK (or world) and collect the reward without ever disclosing their name.

Collecting the reward
Alternatively, if they want to collect it in cash, arrangements can be made through an independent third party who will receive the cash and hand it to any person who presents themselves and is able to disclose a password that I will have provided.

The choice of how they collect this reward will be for the person providing the information to make, indeed if they have a bank account that they want me to transfer it to, I am happy to do that.

Family convinced of Damien’s death
I genuinely don’t know if Damien’s remains were buried, I don’t even know for sure if he came to harm at the hands of another person.

What I do know is that the family and friends of Damien, who have campaigned so hard over the last 17 years, ARE convinced and their conviction is based upon a much more information than I have.

The email address will be monitored 24/7 for 28 days from 6th September, thereafter it will close.

Friday, 6th September, 2013 4:59pm


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