Damien’s Law gains high profile support, but not from Isle of Wight MP say campaigners

Just a couple of weeks away from the 21st anniversary of the disappearance of Isle of Wight teenager, Damien Nettles, campaigners say they’ve received high profile support for Damien’s Law, but still no response from the MP, Bob Seely.

damien nettles

Isle of Wight teenager, Damien Nettles, went missing after a night out in Cowes almost 21 years ago.

The final confirmed sighting of Damien on surviving available CCTV was in the former Yorkie’s fish and chip shop off Cowes High Street at 11.35pm on 2nd November 1996.

Last year, Damien’s mother, Valerie Nettles created an online petition explaining that young males continue to go under the radar in missing person cases. She has been calling for a number of changes to be made to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Manual of Guidance.

High profile supporters
The campaign has received a recent boost with a number of high profile supporters.

As well as support from some MPs, the Missing Persons charity and the Home Office, four acclaimed criminologists and forensic psychologists who participate in TV and media documentaries have joined the campaign.

Professor David Wilson, Professor Liz Yardley, David Swindle and Kerry Daynes have all joined Valerie with her campaign for Damien’s Law.

A message to the Damien’s Law Facebook Group reads,

“Together we can make a huge difference to introduce new guidelines to ensure more missing people are found.

“If the bill is passed it will make promising progress for existing families and future families with missing loved ones.

“Please continue to share and ask your friends to consider signing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts #DamiensLaw”

You can show your support by signing the petition.

No response from IW MP
Those campaigning for Damien’s Law tell OnTheWight that despite contact throug #h various means they have not received any support from Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely.

Tuesday, 17th October, 2017 8:23pm


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