East Cowes could now have the youngest councillor in the country

At just 18 years of age, Cameron is believed to be the youngest parish councillor in the country

cameron palin and floating bridge

East Cowes Town Council is very pleased to welcome a new councillor to their ranks.

Cllr Cameron Palin was the successful candidate following a co-option process and the council officially welcomed him at their Full Council meeting on 19th November 2020.

Youngest in country?
At just 18 years of age, he is believed to be the youngest parish councillor in the country.

Cllr Palin has a wide range of skills and interests and is very keen to represent views of the younger sector of the East Cowes community.

Palin: A complete honour
Cameron said,

“Over the last four years I have been working closely with the East Cowes community on a variety of issues including the Floating Bridge, Umbrella Tree and on town regeneration.

“This work showed me the vital role our town councils play, and to have now been co-opted onto the East Cowes Town Council is a complete honour.

“I would make it my focus to get the younger demographic more engaged and have discussions with them about what they would like to see in our town as it is their future and they should be involved in shaping their town.”

Rann: Enthusiasm and youthful knowledge
Cllr Jane Rann, Mayor of East Cowes said:

“Together with my fellow councillors, I look forward to working with our new Osborne Ward town councillor.

“I feel the Town Council and the community will greatly benefit from his enthusiasm and youthful knowledge.”

News shared by Sue on behalf of East Cowes Town Council. Ed

Friday, 20th November, 2020 9:04am


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Good luck to Cameron. The Island needs some younger voices on the councils.

Benny C

Good luck. Anything is better than the clueless bunch we currently have squandering the islands resources while ensuring they all get a nice annual pay rise reward for ‘working hard’. We don’t need working hard, we need working smart. Ian Ward works hard, no doubt about that. No one could make that much of a mess in a few hours a week.

Mark L Francis

“He who has the Youth, has the future” – V.I. Lenin

Mark L Francis

… or was it my auntie Vi & uncle Len? I expect they would have said the same.


Funny how just after the greens announce their candidates for the next election suddenly they decide to put one on a parish council. I fear Mr Palin may be a puppet on a string in an election battle which he has very little chance of winning.

Vix Lowthion
That’s not how co-option works, Laura. The process lasts for many weeks, and Cameron has been working closely with the Town Council for years on the issues detailed in the article. Cameron is no puppet – he already *leads* on key campaigns to support the residents of East Cowes and the Osborne Ward – and beyond. He is an outstanding candidate for the county council elections in… Read more »

I think you misunderstood my comment. Much like you misunderstand most islanders.

It’s a shame that party politics has to muddy the waters of local councils. Cameron Palin is an exceptionally hardworking campaigner on local issues on the Island and should be recognised for this. And if he can influence more young people to get involved in local issues, and represent the views of his peers in local politics, this is a huge bonus. So many young people, as… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

Young people are very good at representing themselves as we see in the National press. Let’s hope that they don’t forget the elderly who are frequently neglected.


A Common Purpose


Even the co-option process should recognise what a bright guy Cameron is. He has a lot to offer