Brexit / EU Referendum: Isle of Wight vote results announced (Updated)

After the Brexit / EU Referendum vote, the Isle of Wight’s counting officer has returned the results.

EU ref count

The EU Referendum count on the Isle of Wight has now been completed and verified.

A total of 79,430 residents of the Isle of Wight placed their voting slips in the ballot boxes or took advantage of postal voting in the EU Referendum. With a voting population of 109,844 that is a 72.3% turnout.

The results
Counting officer, Chris Mathews, has now confirmed the final results as follows:

Remain : 30,207

Leave : 49,173

Spoiled / Void / Voted for both: 50

Percentage split of votes – 62% (Leave) / 38% (Remain)

Video of the results

OnTheWight Live coverage continues
Continue watching the regional coverage from Southampton by our friends from Eastleigh News.

382 counting areas in 12 regions
There are a total of 382 counting areas across the Great Britain, including one area in Gibraltar and one in Northern Ireland.

All local results will be fed to the 12 regions, before being collated and passed up to the national level.

The last declaration – which will then provide the full national picture – is not expected to be complete until around 6am on Friday morning.

National recount?
According to the Electoral Commission, the rules don’t provide for a national recount “under any circumstances”.

A spokesperson for the Commission said,

“We expect local recounts to be granted if a specific issue has been identified with the process in that counting area, rather than simply when the local totals are close.”

A judicial review is the only way the national referendum result could be challenged and this must be requested within six weeks of the result.

What happens if Brexit is backed?
If voters choose to Leave the European Union, Prime Minister David Cameron will trigger what’s known as ‘Article 50’. This is the formal mechanism for leaving the EU.

A two-year negotiation period would commence, but some say it would take maybe ten years for GB to separate from the EU.

We’ll be back on Friday morning to update you with the national picture.

Friday, 24th June, 2016 2:54am



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Years of costly uncertainty await us.

At least the IW is a prosperous location and should be able to ride the storm out without too much damage. .. oh wait.

Mason Watch

It’s called democracy…….whether the mandate is 1 vote or 1.2 million the people have spoken and we will have to accept the result.



I hate the result. I think it’s disastrous.

But it’s vital that we respect the democratic result.

Without respect for and strenuous defence of democracy, we are nothing.

This is a dreadful day for the UK. We must ensure it is not a bad day for democracy.


DaveIOW – It is not a “dreadful day for the UK” but you will obviously not want to hear that. Britain will still trade with Europe and the pound will bounce back (although it may take a little time. You obviously have little faith in Britain.
Wait and see.

Don Smith
‘I hate the result’. What a silly thing to write. The result will not please everyone, however, it was a vote, and some won and some lost. Please accept the result and make the best of it. I voted ‘Leave’. Only because I’m sick of foreigners. 300.000 every year (More than the population of the IoW twice over). That’s 3.000.000 in ten years. Where are the houses,… Read more »
Don, I don’t mind you disagreeing with me in the slightest. I enjoy a frank exchange of differing views. I’m quite happy for you to describe my opinion as “silly”. But at least do me the courtesy of responding to my entire point. I also wrote “it’s vital that we respect the democratic result”, so your point that I should “accept the result and make the best… Read more »
Steve Goodman

The low 37.4% (of the possible eligible electorate votes) result does not even meet the government’s minimum majority requirement to validate public sector strike votes, and it’s easy to argue that for something this divisive important and irreversible the bar should be set even higher.


Birds flyin’ high, you know how I feel
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel
It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me.
Yeah, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, ooooooooh…
And I’m feelin’ good.
(Nina Simone)

Yes Cicero. So the populous has spoken. Despite operation fear, the sun has risen, the sky has not fallen in and the birds are still singing. Overnight the pound has soared and slumped against the dollar while everyone was at home producing nothing. If a few city slickers lose their jobs in fantasy economics of share prices rising or falling based on rumour and gossip then they… Read more »
Ian Young

Sadly CHRIS the fact that the Pound is at a 30 year low against the Dollar and that millions have been wiped from the value of shares will affect a wider demographic than a few City Slickers.

Working people’s pensions is just one example.

Pointing out that this would happen never was the politics of fear.

Island Monkey

It’ll bounce back. And the stock markets.

The kind of contempt for us and ordinary people has been much in evidence in Brussels this morning. They blame Cameron for allowing the people to speak, this alone has helped confirm to me that we were right to vote leave. The EU is rotten to the core.


Do you not think that Germany wanted to control the whole of Europe – something Hitler could not manage in war?

Ian Young
Glad to hear you think things will soon bounce back. Meanwhile in the real world a little research shows: Ratings agency Standard and Poors, along with several others, has confirmed that the UK is likely to lose its AAA credit rating due to the risks of Brexit. The UK government will be informed 24 hours before any decision is announced. The pound plummeted to a low not… Read more »
Island Monkey

It’s already recovering! Project fear is behind you, don’t worry, have faith in our great country. Rejoice, we are free of the horrid anti-democracy EU.

Luisa Hillard

How can you say that the economy is ‘already recovering’? It’s been one day since the result. The process to Leave hasn’t started and isn’t likely to start for at least 3 months.

We haven’t even started seeing the real effects of this decision yet. What I do know is that it won’t be big business which suffers, it will be the people.

Ian Young

Thanks for the reassurance IM.

I am always wary of those who wrap themselves in the flag.

I agree this is great country, but never forget you don’t have exclusive ownership.

Mark Francis

Talking Heads “We’re on The Road to Nowhere” springs more readily to mind…

Ian Young

Disconnect these cables.
Overturn these tables.
This place don’t make sense to me no more.

Bob Dylan


Their leader Farage told already the 350 million a week going to the EU and coming now to the NHS was a mistake

John Curtis

What good news Its time for Briton to start a new trading body for all nations around the world free trade with all country’s.

Is it time for our Independence from rest UK Isle of Wight to become a tax haven.


Already been tried but we are too close to the mainland to be classed as “off-shore”.


Dark days ahead.

Makes me glad i never had kids. My heart goes out to the young people who have been betrayed by their elders and will endure terrible hardships and suffering in the decades to come.

I voted to remain. I tried to save you but it wasn’t enough. I’m sorry.


It’s the old that won it:
18-24: 75% Remain
25-49: 56% Remain
50-64: 44% Remain
65+: 39% Remain

By the time we can put the Brexit into effect, the people giving Leave their majority will be dead :)

Jackie Collins

I thought voting was anonymous so I wonder where you got your figures from?


It’s the results from a YouGov poll taken about a week ago.


What a load of unreliable, made up rubbish.

Isn’t that the poll the markets believed, causing the surge in FX and stock values yesterday that have now fallen off the cliff with the traders scrabbling to recover their “profits” having greedily waited too long to claim them? Bad bets lads! (BTW “By the time we can put the Brexit into effect” (10+ years according to Remainers), not only will the 65+ quartile have dropped off… Read more »
Patrick McKay

Newman’s ,so it’s the 18-49 age group who could not be bothered to vote,and would have to live with the consequences for the longest ,who are to blame for the result?.

Mark Francis

Keynes said “in the long term we are all dead”.
May well be shorter for many of the Brexit voters than the Remainders then.

Island Monkey

Where was the UKIP candidate, or the passionate remainer contingent, like Vix?

Cllr Bob Seely
Personally I am apprehensive but feel that this is a really wonderful thing that has happened. I am sure there will be difficulties, but the people of our country have retaken power. I thought Remain’s appalling campaign, based largely on scaring people, would have succeeded in bully us into feeling too scared to leave. I am glad it did not work. It was now or never, and… Read more »
I don’t agree Bob. I’m embarrassed. We should be better than this. The European Union is a force for good. The collective good of over 500 million people. Walking away from an organisation that has the greater good of 500 million people at its heart is extreme folly. We risk being isolated from Europe. We risk damaging our standing in the rest of the world. We have… Read more »

(Dave IoW) “solationism will not help our economy:

Isolationism will not help our reputation.
Isolationism will damage each and every one of us.”

The United States di quite well out of is isolationism 70 years ago.

Luisa Hillard
The United States is not one country. They are a federation of states, just like Europe. As for isolationism – their foreign policies appear to be doing well when their Pop Culture is revered around the world and there are Mcdonalds and Seven Elevens in many countries. Just look at what we buy that they have exported. Meanwhile, any oil-producing country wishes that the USA would mind… Read more »

(Luisa) Review how federal states are controlled- USA from Washington, EU from Brussels.

Then reread my comment that about US isolationism *70 years ago.*

Luisa Hillard

Very similar example of individual state laws and national Federal laws.

Anyone who thinks that we have ‘got our country back’ is going to be very disappointed.

Swap EU for Conservatives and I might be more hopeful for the future of the Island and country.



Is the US you speak of the Federal Republic of 50 States and 318 million people that formed because they understood the importance of collective strength?

Imagine if we could be a member of such a powerful organisation…


…. after 200 years and a Civil War….!


I thought you’d flounced off in a huff?



Luisa Hillard
Cicero, I think you will find that the EU has had its fair share of wars. Recall the empire-building of WW1 and WW2? Or attempts to unite France and England under one king? Scotland and England? Certainly the trend has been for larger countries to form. Just look at Italy and the fact that it only unified its states a hundred or so years ago. In fact… Read more »

(Luisa) do not confuse post-1951 EU history with European history over the last 1000 years..

Luisa Hillard

It is all history that leaves a lasting cultural memory and from history we can see the direction of travel and (theoretically) learn from our collective mistakes.

Particularly I would point to the NAZI party and their nationalism propaganda. We are already heading that way across much of Europe with the rise of right wing parties.

Steve Goodman
People retaking power, after so many years of being robbed by governments and a small wealthy powerful elite, is welcome; so is the rare chance to take part in a vote where we all matter, and the associated increased public participation in the politics more usually just ‘done’ to us, rather than with us and for us. Now we’re all familiar with referenda, we could also have… Read more »
Don’t forget the referendum is not legally binding, it is advisory, so the Government is not obliged to enact it. Disenfranchised voters clearly wanted to put a rocket under this administration for many reasons but by doing so have triggered global consequences and the potential break up of the UK. The EU has a history of compromise (eg Portugal, Spain, Greece, Ireland) and quite honestly I can’t… Read more »
Luisa Hillard

I await Cicero’s research into how much EU funding the Island has actually received. I have him a short list off the top of my head but I’m sure he could find more. I forgot to include farming subsidies.


(Luisa) I am relying on my friendly councillor to give me a head-start as it is difficult to find in the entangled and murky depths of EU files.

Where should I start looking?

Cllr Bob Seely
IoWDave, You make a fair point about isolationism, but for me it is not about that. I voted Leave because I wanted us, the people, to be sovereign, and in the EU, that increasingly wasn’t happening. What I an many other now want is for that new spirit of democracy to translate into building a better political culture in this country, where people are increasingly engaged in… Read more »
Steve Goodman
On the subject of ‘people who get a kick out of doing us down’, and ‘continuing to be one of the world’s great nations, a significant economic power’; why does our government seemingly not support but instead sell cheaply (usually to foreign states and companies) our remaining industries and assets, and wreck our world class NHS and other services? Why, for example, has our government blocked for… Read more »
Albert Street
@Mr Goodman. I can give you some insight into the steel industry as my company does purchase a lot of steel for export outside the EU. We have tried to obtain quotes from British Steel (Tata) and every attempt was met with an acknowledgement from them of our enquiry and then Nothing! Then three weeks or more later they come back and ask if we are still… Read more »
“I voted Leave because I wanted us, the people, to be sovereign…” We the people are not sovereign. Only parliament is sovereign. I can’t imagine the people would not make it unlawful to fly a kite too near to Donald Trump. It takes parliamentarians to come up with something so patently stupid. And only they can pass or repeal laws. Not you. Not me. Just those in… Read more »


When you post at five to one in the morning after a couple of pints, you run the risk of posting a double negative.

I think you’ll get the point though. I have no sovereignty. I never have. I never will. I am in the hands of those elected to central government.


Sorry but as far as I can see there was not much democracy within the EU. The big powers spoke and the minnows listened in trepidation. I am optimistic for the future and the next few generations will make their own prosperity without having to be dictated to by Brussels.

Luisa Hillard
Do you really think that our own government is any better? Administrations change but the same officials remain, pulling the strings – all of which are unelected. Have you ever seen ‘Yes, Minister?’ Then factor in the House of Lords. Democracy comes from voting. Civil servants in the EU or UK recommend and write policy, then the elected Councillors/MPs/MEPs vote on it. Nothing is forced upon us,… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Sorry but as far as I can see there was not much democracy within Westminster. The big business powers spoke and the minnows listened in trepidation and did as they were told. I am optimistic for the short term future of the unelected unaccountable powerful global elite, and the next few generations will struggle to their make their own prosperity under an unsustainable economically and environmentally destructive… Read more »
Cllr Bob Seely


If democracy comes from voting than I assume you believe North Korea is a democracy? and the Soviet Union was one too? They all have/had systems where people vote.

Genuine democracy is where the people have genuine sovereignty.

Luisa Hillard

You are right, the Conservatives do remind me of a dictatorship.

Cllr Bob Seely



USSR and North Korea socialist dictatorships. So not much in common with Conservative Party and those of us who have supported the idea that the people should sovereign.

Cllr Bob Seely

Sorry, resending to correct typo:

USSR and North Korea socialist dictatorships. So not much in common with Conservative Party and those of us who have supported the idea that the people should be sovereign.

Luisa Hillard

Sorry Bob, you are of course correct. There is nothing ‘socialist’ about the Conservatives.

How negative, flagellating, are lot of the comments here. Be creative, think new ways, why assume we have to be isolationist. We can embrace involvements of all kinds with other countries and even strike up closer relationships with them – life’s like that, unexpected and nice consequences; but only if we don’t keep determinedly focussing on negative stuff, dogs in a manger. As though to make sure… Read more »
Luisa Hillard

Nico, I’m finding it difficult to be positive right now but I believe that you are probably right and today was a temporary knee-jerk reaction. However we have not actually started the Leave process yet. Let’s judge the markets then.


Confusing….Nico apparently cannot resist the temptation to dance on my grave while I lurk here listening in vain for an OTW slap on other over-commentators.

Beware Banquo’s ghost! :-))

(BTW I liked yr comment about the MEPs.)

Reach out to the world, the is a new beginning…. a real opportunity, Asia loves the UK, English is everyman’s language and the legal and investment environment in the UK is one of the best in the world. Much better than what exists in Europe. What an opportunity, and secretly I reckon the Germans would like to join us for the ride. The negativity in these comments… Read more »
In Denial
Getting a little tired of all the cries of Armageddon from the Remain supporters. They ran Project Fear and now seem intent on turning that into a reality to prove the point (i.e. creating a self-fulfilling prophecy). How about we let the hysteria die down, accept the result and start negotiating sensibly for the future? I can’t help feel that we still need to trade with Europe… Read more »
All the world’s markets falling is a bad thing, it’s something you can’t ignore. The fact they’re casinos is also a bad thing. Yes we do need to trade with the EU, unfortunately we may have torpedoed their economy. George Osbourne is hiding in his bunker, Cameron has thrown in the towel and has forced the tories to start rearranging the chairs on the deck of the… Read more »