Fisherman launch new film: Lifejacket: A fisherman’s friend

A lifejacket could save your life if you fall in the water, but even if it doesn’t it still has lasting benefits.

Life Jacket

Thanks to Joanne from MCA for news of this new awareness video. A useful reminder for all who go out to sea. Ed

Two Bridlington fishermen have made a short film to encourage their fellow fishermen to wear lifejackets whilst at sea. The two minute film is entitled Lifejacket: a fisherman’s friend (embedded below).

The decision to make the film came after a panel of experts* concluded that 26 fishermen could still be alive today had they been wearing a lifejacket when they were involved in an incident at sea (2007-11 figures).

It could save your life
The Fishing Industry Safety Group (FISG), were so alarmed by the new statistic that they put the idea of a short film forward to fishermen Dylan Silverwood and Christopher Stewart. They then made the film, with some help from FISG members.

“I wouldn’t like to go to sea without a lifejacket”, says salmon fisherman Dylan Silverwood.

“When you hit the water, you start gasping like a fish, so unless you’ve got your lifejacket on, you could be in real difficulties.

“If you’re a fisherman, please watch our little film and consider buying a lifejacket and using it whenever you set to sea. It really is quite easy to wear one – a lifejacket isn’t heavy or cumbersome – and it could save your life.”

This is the first in a series of films that fishermen will be making about buoyancy wear for different types of fishing.

Image: Carlos Paceho under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 8th January, 2013 1:45pm



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