Friends give a welcome lift to staff and patients

New hoist is already proving very popular with staff and patients.

Thanks to George from the Friends of St Mary’s for this latest update. In his own words. Ed

The challenging task of lifting incapacitated patients in and out of their beds has been made easier at the general rehabilitation unit of St Mary’s Hospital, thanks to a £9,000 donation from the hospital’s Friends.

One of the hospital’s most sophisticated patient hoists is now in regular use at the unit, which cares for up to 30 patients.

Popular with staff and patients
“It is so much easier to use than the old hoist we have,” said Sister Natalie Mew. “It also gives the weight of the patient and helps with infection control by taking disposable slings. No-one wants to use the other hoist anymore!”

Such mechanical lifting devices also reduce the risk of back pain amongst hospital staff. In the past it was claimed that two-thirds of NHS sickness across the country was related to back pain and other musculoskeletal problems.

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Tuesday, 8th January, 2013 1:00pm



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