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As VB readers will be well aware, the Isle of Wight council (IWC) propose to close 32 of the 67 public loos on the Island this year.

Toilet PaperThe move has been slammed by opposition councillors and residents alike, after the IWC suggested that shops, pubs and hotels should allow the public to use their facilities in areas where public toilets were being removed.

A public consultation on the closures has received much criticism across the Island, with the criteria used for earmarking closures declared flawed by one local councillor.

Have your say
If you haven’t had your say on the closures yet, make sure you do in the next couple of days, as the consultation closes on Monday 31st January.

All paperwork can be found on the IWC website.

You can email in your comments to [email protected] or write to Public Conveniences Consultation, County Hall, Newport PO30 1UD.

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Thursday, 27th January, 2011 6:11pm


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No public loos = no coach parties visiting Island (especially Tinsel & Turkey ones) = no profits = higher unemployment = higher dependence on the State = more disgruntled voters= bye bye Pugh!

Sorry, but this just doesn’t make sense. Coach parties are not brought over to the Island and simply dumped in the middle of nowhere. They’re brought over either to a hotel, or to visit a particular establishment (such as IW Pearl, Robin Hill, Osborne House, Blackgang, Alum Bay etc etc) all of which have toilets as far as I’m aware. I know we all like a good… Read more »
Stig O'Hara

The proposal to close the toilets at Lane End Bembridge, which is the site of the Lifeboat Station, has apparently already caused trips totalling 1500 potential visitors to be cancelled!!


No public loos = hygiene issue.

It’s not just about the tourists. It’s about not having people urinate in public/in the sea. To have no public toilets at Compton for example – which is 2 miles from Brook (are there public toilets at Brook? I don’t think so?) and 3 miles from Freshwater Bay (ditto) is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.

hazel wyld

Sad to say this is very true, people will use the sea as a public toilet if no alternative…yuk!
I must confess I am bewildered by what is going on, I thought we relied on tourism..soon we will not get any tourists and then we might as well put our the lights and say goodbye to the Isle of Wight.

Don Smith
Well most of it ends up in the sea anyway – Has anyone noticed that toilet rolls are not as wide as they used to be? Could be my bum is getting bigger:-) I compared some from Lidl with a more expensive brand and there is nearly an inch difference in the width; that’s what I call cutting it fine. I have told all my visitors who… Read more »
vanessa churchman
Our visitors generally speaking are inclined to be either elderly or families with small children, the 2 groups who need more toilet facilities, not less. There are more and more people in the world and there is an increase in tourism all the time but it is a very competitive industry and, for example, coach drivers will begin to boycot areas if the facilities are not available.… Read more »
Mr J

Joe Duckworth and his Westminster pals, we’ll feel the pain of his/ their tenure at County Hall for years to come.

retired hack
It seems clear that one assumption made when drawing up the closure list was that commercial premises will provide loos for visitors. An example is Godshill. One problem there though. The largest commercial outlet in Godshill owns the larger part of the car park there. They let the public park on suffrance, presumably believing most will at least have a look in their shop. But faced with… Read more »
m butcher

Only the big stores,have toilets,and only as it was a proviso of getting planning.Apart from Tesco,and a few big stores in Newport cant think of any others.None of the seaside towns shops have toilet facilities.Not unless you count,the staff toilets.I,m sure pubs and restaurants,will not let the public walk in off the street and use there facilities.


Perhaps we’ll all be issued with pooper scoopers!


And to think we could have encouraged stars like George Michael to holiday over here. Not a chance now. Very short sighted.


I’ve just been speaking to someone who says that there are contractors currently refurbishing the public toilets at Steephill cove. If this is correct doesn’t it seem a little daft?

Peas & L'Oeuf

rjc your comment has had me chuckling all day – how about getting GM to lead the council – he would also definitely support keeping the lifeguard funding.

Mrs K
We will be no longer considered a developed country if we don’t provide clean, easy accessible sanitation for all. While Britain’s toilets are in decline, there is a ‘restroom revolution’ going on in the Far East. The mayor of a major city in northern Japan said that provision of good public toilets is as important an investment as a new airport. I think the council need to… Read more »

It would be more practical and economical if Cllr Pugh was to cut the number of council seats instead of cutting the number of toilet seats. The purpose of the one if far more important than the other, by getting rid of the waste, than the majority of the other who are a ‘waste’ and don’t seem to serve a purpose.

Black Dog
With the Conservatives voting to close public toilets and expect businesses to open up their facilities to the public, I wonder should we publish the names and addresses of all these councilors and council officers so their home toilets could be used by the public? With reference to Joe Duckworth we seemed to have forgotten : 1 Who employed him? 2 What has happened to the Thinking… Read more »
Mrs K

I think your idea of pitching up to councillors house with our loo rolls and newspapers tucked under our arms is genius….!! Now that would definitely get picked up by the nationals………


Joe D was taken on by Mr Sutton wasnt he?

Mr Pugh does have a communication issue, his speech and its content. Mr Milliband has a similar affliction.

Christian Beasley
I find the close of so many toilets in a tourist-based Island to be ill-conceived and outrageous. The closure of Compton toilets is a particularly bad proposal. During the summer there will be up to 1,500 people on the beach. Closing the toilets doesn’t mean that people’s needs go away. Children especially just cannot wait an extra half an hour. The absence of toilet facilities will result… Read more »


as a family we love walks along yaverland beach and compton, when my kids need to go to the loo which being kids always happens where do they go?if others get caught short will they just go outside the redundant loos or on the beach,if so i will be ringing the council to get them to clean it up, or will they provide us with red bins… Read more »
I don’t think it will stop tourists coming although it may make them stay for less time at certain places. As a regular tourist myself, I have to say most of the toilets I would tend to use are staying open, other than Godshill. I think for the older visitors, many will already pop into cafes etc for a good old cup of tea and can use… Read more »
Don’t forget Rachel not all of us are able to ‘hold on’ to find a cafe that’s a)open or b)has a toilet facility. Often youngsters are seen as ‘problems’ and may even be barred from entering such places. Also being able to ‘shop around’ for a toilet thats open relies on a) being in good health, not pregnant, not having menstrual or incontinence issues,not being a young… Read more »
mick chester

why no close all public toilets, we can then just dig a hole and crap in it like they use to do in the dark ages, no we can not do that we are in the 21st century!!!


I am sure the Government would appreciate the money saved just the same,as long as the bankers and Governments who got us into this mess(no pun intended!)get their bonuses and gold plated pensions and infaltion busting pay rises.

There is no logic to the scoring system used to determine the future of the loos. Usage is given the same weight as Principal Town, Principle Beach, Principle Park and No of Cleans. Where’s the logic in making Compton Bay a Principle Town with 25 points and Bembridge non-existent with nil points. Bembridge and St Helen’s are active tourist areas and Bembridge has a lively and active… Read more »

Public toilets are necessary in all towns and should be available to all. If not we shall just have to do our business on the pavement,in a field and the council will have to provide human waste bins as well as dog waste ones!
Rather disgusting but true!

Steephill Jack

It seems that we are not alone when it comes to toilet closures. BBC News website offers some comparative details today which includes the Isle of Wight.