International Day of Peace: Working together to strive for peace

On International Day of Peace, our thoughts turn to the millions of refugees, who are walking hundreds of miles or crossing dangerous waters, simply to find a safe haven for their families.

international day of peace 2015

Today, 21st September 2015, is the International Day of Peace. In 1981 the General Assembly of the United Nations declared the third Tuesday as “a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples”.

The theme of this year’s commemoration is “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All” which aims to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace.

Humanitarian crisis
Our thoughts will surely turn to the humanitarian crisis and the refugees fleeing deadly regimes such as that in Syria. Millions of people have walked hundreds of miles, travelled across water in dangerous circumstances to place their families in safer circumstances.

Our thoughts are with those people today. As they walk on to their next destination, with just the clothes on their backs and their will to keep going until they feel safe.

Peace by Alfred Noyes
We thought this poem by English poet Alfred Noyes – who although was accused of being a militarist, was in fact a pacifist – is very apt for today.

Give me the pulse of the tide again
And the slow lapse of the leaves,
The rustling gold of a field of grain
And a bird in the nested eaves;

And a fishing-smack in the old harbour
Where all was happy and young;
And an echo or two of the songs I knew
When songs could still be sung.

For I would empty my heart of all
This world’s implacable roar,
And I would turn to my home, and fall
Asleep in my home once more;

And I would forget what the cities say,
And the folly of all the wise,
And turn to my own true folk this day,
And the love in their constant eyes.

There is peace, peace, where the sea-birds wheel,
And peace in the breaking wave;
And I have a broken heart to heal,
And a broken soul to save.

Monday, 21st September, 2015 8:07am



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4 Comments on "International Day of Peace: Working together to strive for peace"

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Why don’t these people go to Saudi Arabia where there a tent city (each with electric and aircon) just outside Mecca
to accommodate one million pilgrims.

Mark Francis

Many Arabs are essentially secular & want to get away from “that sort of thing”.

Linda Chester

A beautiful poem which spoke to me of the search of inner peace. Maybe if we could all find that peace within ourselves it would put an end to wars of hate…..

Mark Francis

Alfred Noyes – lived in Ventnor.
Hated modern poetry which he described as “dire acrostics”.