Island Conservatives announce election manifesto

Council leader, David Pugh, says all 40 candidates contributed to the manifesto.

Conservative 2013 election manifesto:

In the run-up to the Isle of Wight local election on 2nd May, OnTheWight will be publishing election manifestos for all parties with candidates standing for county council seats.

This first received was from David Pugh on behalf of the Island Conservatives. Ed

The Island Conservatives have published their full manifesto for the 2013 local elections, which every Island voter will have the opportunity to support on polling day.

The plans – Working Together For Our Island’s Future – have been developed by the 40-strong team of candidates, after listening to what residents and businesses have told them over the past few months.

The Island Conservatives are the only party or grouping to be offering a candidate in every part of the Isle of Wight, showing their commitment to serve the Island as a whole.

With two key themes – HELPING ISLAND HOUSEHOLDS and ENERGISING THE ECONOMY – the proposals come with a pledge: each is affordable and deliverable.

The plans will feature in the main election leaflets of all 40 candidates, which will be delivered to Island households over the next couple of weeks. These leaflets will also feature the priorities of each candidate for the local area in which they are seeking election.

Pugh: “All candidates have contributed to these plans”
Cllr David Pugh, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council said: “All 40 Conservative candidates have contributed to these plans, providing input based on the feedback they have received from residents and businesses.

“Most importantly, this cohesive and realistic set of plans will ensure the Isle of Wight Council continues to have a clear direction at a time when there are further financial challenges ahead. They also reflect our commitment to the Island as a whole, as this is the only election manifesto which every Island voter will have the opportunity to support in May’s elections.

“The Island Conservatives have a strong track record on council tax – including a freeze for the past three years – and only we can be trusted to keep any future rises to a minimum. This – along with other pledges – will ensure we help Island households meet the rising cost of living.

“We will also deliver further savings at County Hall; releasing funds to energise the economy and help secure inward investment. Our plans include a proposal to introduce a business rate-free period for start-ups in empty retail premises and a “buy local” campaign to strengthen the local take-up of the Island’s products and services.

“We are also making clear that many of these priorities will be delivered in partnership with other organisations and the private sector. This will help keep any ongoing costs to a minimum and ensure the Council continues to live within its limited means, whilst using our existing working relationship with government and other agencies to help secure additional funding.”

Friday, 19th April, 2013 3:04pm



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Email updates?
Another tory manifesto full of lies, i notice they do not discuss wind turbines, building on green areas, pressure on services from immigration, the economic downturn on the island, below average wages, high unemployment rate and the closure of the prisons… they onyl want their expenses the public have had enough of the three main parties lies and empy promises. Its time to give UKIP a go,… Read more »

Hardly any of those points are council issues. Perhaps UKIP hasn’t noticed!

Davy Jones

Also no mention of working with the MP for the good of the Island.

After complaining bitterly that Vanessa Churchman had mentioned him you would have thought… Oh – I see this comes from Pugh so perhaps not.

Could the Indies, Labour, LibDems and UKIPpers let us all know if they would be prepared to work with Andrew Turner?

phil jordan

As an Independent, I can tell you we will actively work with our MP if elected. Simple as that.
Indeed, I see it not working with our MP as a complete and utter failing by the current ruling administration.

Phil Jordan
Independent Candidate for Ryde North West

lol, mine arrived along with a menu from the local Chinese takeaway and the latest special offers from LIDL and the Co-Op. Trouble is I know full well that whatever the supermarkets entice me with they cant be trusted and despite their attractive promises I will end up paying through the nose in the long run as they are out to take advantage of those naive enough… Read more »

do they do stand-up as well


This coming on the same day that David Cameron has vowed to eradicate council “waste and propaganda” as he contrasted what he said were excessive salaries and perks for staff in Labour councils with the “good government” of Tory-run town halls.

Perhaps the Island is the exception that proves the rule in Cameron’s twisted view of reality. Then again perhaps it’s just another blatant Tory lie.


Returned to sender. Unopened with a note on the envelope stating find another mug to send it to.

We know that the Conservative record is a poor one on the island. They looked after themselves as usual with big pay off and jobs for the boys at County Hall. Typically they have stuffed their pockets and helped their Wightlink friends. The PFI roads bill is going to be the biggest of them all it seems.Our young people are being driven from the island in droves… Read more »

Hear, hear mat.
Yours is the message the Tories should be sending out to the electorate, along with an apology for the damage they have done and an admission they have every intention of continuing.

Vote them out on 2 May

Tourism paragraph made me laugh ….they closed all the TIB and half the loo’s ‘WELCOME TO THE ISLE OF WIGHT’. How about a list of things they haven’t achieved? As for all 40 candidates contributing to the leaflet – GARBAGE, ask any Conseravtive Cllr if they are allowed to influence the decision making process ….nope. I only read the section on tourism and threw the paper in… Read more »

Oh they did all contribute to the leaflet, they all said Yes in unison its part of the conditioning for wannabe Tory “Yes-Men”


Finsncial contribution only, doubtless.

“Our” Tory this, and “Our” Tory that,(plans, record, team), as headings on the leaflet, and wouldn’t you just know it, “Our Island”, too! That’s just about the size of it, they have treated the Island as their personal property for the last 4 years.


They are so out of touch with reality. The candidate for Cowes Medina(current Mayor) has been driving around in his jaguar telling voters he’s from ‘working class stock’.

WHERE dose one start lol Cast iron guarantee Dave ? 32 u turns is it now ? Indian head rubs , expenses , Pugh redecorating county hall then close libraries and toilets , give six figure non jobs then cut services the info gathering trips abroad ?,red bus route ? How many killed ? PFI contracts manager on huge salary WHO failed to include oh by the… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Why has half of Sandown actually fallen down whilst the Council spends a huge amount of money “upgrading” the Heights Leisure Centre so that it still looks the same but bigger and still surrounded by building debris after a whole year & nobody wants to do anything about it?

Black Dog
Cllr David Pugh, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council said: “All 40 Conservative candidates have contributed to these plans, providing input based on the feedback they have received from residents and businesses. If it is like the conservatives consultation on Libraries, Waste Collection, Public Toilets and their Budget it would be MADE UP based on their own beliefs and party policy nothing to do with listening… Read more »