Isle of Wight horse rider features on BBC TV’s Close Calls on Camera

Megan Edmonds and her horse were incredibly lucky to survive a bad fall during the Isle of Wight Grand National this year. Megan explains all on Close Calls on Camera.

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Readers might remember back in March OnTheWight shared an update on the Isle of Wight horse rider who’d had a dramatic fall during the Isle of Wight Grand National.

Thankfully the rider and horse both survived the fall, but Megan Edmonds came away with a series of complex breaks to her wrist.

Close Calls on Camera
Megan, her horse Joey, and partner Jaymie (known for jumping from the balcony during the Vestas occupation in 2009) are the subject of a feature on BBC TV’s Close Calls on Camera (series seven, episode 17).

Presented by Nick Knowles, in the segment Megan explains how the build-up to the race and how she felt the moment the fall happened.

Having seen the fall on film, it’s hard to understand how she didn’t manage to break more bones and how luck Joey was to come out of it unscathed.

Jaymie, who was there to support Megan and capture the race on film, is also interviewed on camera about how he felt seeing the horse and rider dramatically hit the ground.

Watch on iPlayer
Skip to 12 minutes into the programme to see the feature on Megan, Joey and Jaymie.

Watch here on BBC iPlayer.

Thursday, 12th September, 2019 2:26pm



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Thank you for another good write up On The Wight 😁
Just wanted to thank Amy as well for some of the great photos she provided.


Iplayer link has expired now. But thanks to Close Encounters you can now watch it on this link provided