Isle of Wight tips could reopen in coming weeks

The Government minister, Robert Jenrick, said council tips would be instructed to reopen in the coming weeks

lynnbottom recycling centre

Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) will be instructed to reopen in the coming weeks, communities minister Robert Jenrick said on Tuesday.

However, no date has been set for re-opening the Isle of Wight’s rubbish tips to the public.

Jenrick: Organised reopenings
Speaking in a local government question time, Mr Jenrick thanked bin men and women who have been collecting waste during lockdown.

Mr Jenrick also said he would ask local authorities to plan ‘the organised re-opening of household waste sites in the coming weeks’.

Closed during lockdown
HWRCs on the Island, Afton Marsh in Freshwater and the household lane at Lynbottom, in Downend, have been closed since the end of March  as part of Coronavirus lockdown measures.

No date has been confirmed for when the HWRCs could open but head of the Isle of Wight Council’s waste services, Natasha Dix, said safe and controlled measures will need to be considered.

She said:

“The council has been working over the past few weeks to develop a strategy for a managed re-opening of the HWRCs at the appropriate time.

“Re-opening will require safe and controlled measures to manage social distancing, which will need to consider the volume of vehicles that may come to the site at any one time.

“We anticipate when the government updates guidance on the opening of sites, the council and Amey will move to implement a managed re-opening to ensure the safety of both visitors to the site and our staff.

“We appreciate the patience and resilience of our residents and have seen a fantastic effort with recycling at the kerbside.

“We cannot thank Islanders enough for the support they have given to our recycling and waste collection crews.”

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I don’t really understand “The council has been working over the past few weeks to develop a strategy for a managed re-opening of the HWRCs at the appropriate time” As suggested on the IW County Press website – just use every other parking bay and as suggested on Radio 4 a couple of days ago – have longer opening hours.


The simplest solutions are often the best, except when a council is involved. They will have to justify the closures in the first place and then put something in place to make it look like they have solved the (non existant) issues. Much easier to just open them up, and shut up… but that’s not IWC style is it?

With more people at home, either furloughed or off school, domestic refuse has mounted up exponentially. Coupled with more DIY and gardening it is reasonable to assume that fly tipping and additional use of roadside bins has increased. The tips should never have been closed in the first place. Allowing people to act responsibly (keeping distances between each other and correct use of skips) would have allowed… Read more »
I agree with fedupbritain: the household waste tips should not have been closed during the lockdown, provoking people to fly-tip. There is no reason why vehicles can’t be allowed in one or two at a time. But now that rubbish has been allowed to build up, there may be long queues initially. If so, they need to open longer hours to satisfy demand. Otherwise people will get… Read more »