Isle of Wight NHS Trust enters first 50:50 joint venture partnership with a private sector partner

The IW NHS CEO says the partnership will ensure they make the best use of their estate to support high quality clinical services.

First non-Foundation Trust signs Strategic Estates Partnership

This in from the IW NHS, in their own words. Ed

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has signed a ground-breaking strategic estates partnership agreement with Ryhurst to deliver a wide-ranging estates strategy that supports the Trust in the delivery of excellent patient care.

The Trust is the first non-Foundation Trust to enter into a 50:50 Joint Venture partnership with a private sector partner. By utilising the estate to its full potential in delivering the Trust’s clinical strategy it will support our aspirations to provide quality care for everyone every time and promote the integrated care pathways provided across the Island.

Wight Life Partnership LLP
The Trust who released the OJEU in January has now legally formed the ‘Wight Life Partnership LLP’, with approval and backing from the NHS Trust Development Authority signifying the start of the 15 year agreement with an option to extend for a further five years.

Karen Baker, Isle of Wight NHS Trust chief executive, said:

“As an organisation that is committed to innovative ways of working, we are excited to work with Ryhurst to make sure we can reinvest for the future. Working with partners across health and social care, in order to provide excellent patient care, it is important to have up-to-date, state-of-the-art facilities.

“Our clinical strategy outlines how more care will be provided in local communities and patient homes with specialised services centralised on the St. Mary’s Hospital site. By working in partnership, we will look to make the best use of our estate to support high quality clinical services that meet the needs of the Island communities we serve.”

Stephen Collinson, Managing Director of Ryhurst said:

“In an ever-changing healthcare environment, our innovative partnership model continues to bring real value to deliver long-term, strategic benefits for NHS estates. We are delighted to be working with Isle of Wight NHS Trust, marking the start of a journey that will draw on both our capabilities to add real value to the Trust’s estate for the benefit of staff and patients.”

Mr Collinson continued:

“We look forward to working together over the coming years delivering the Trust vision of Quality Care for Everyone Every time.”

Comprehensive review of the estate
Through Wight Life Partnership, both parties will work in partnership to undertake a comprehensive review of the estate across all Isle of Wight NHS Trust sites, ensuring that buildings and grounds are fully utilised and are suitable for the delivery of modern healthcare. The aim is to improve asset efficiency and help to identify and develop any commercial opportunities.

To maximise the benefits of this new partnership it is anticipated that Wight Life Partnership will also work very closely with our other health and social care system partners on the Isle of Wight. This will assist in aligning estate strategies to enable the joint Island health and social care vision “Person centred, coordinated health and social care” to become a reality.

Improving the quality of buildings
Ryhurst’s strategic estates model for partnering with the NHS has been developed to help the NHS better utilise its estate, improve the quality of buildings essential for clinical services and provide an equitable solution for the taxpayer.

Image: © (left to right): Chris Palmer, Executive Director of Finance at IW NHS Trust, Karen Baker, Chief Executive at IW NHS Trust, Danny Fisher, Chairman of IW NHS Trust, Stephen Collinson, Managing Director of Ryhurst, Aileen Ivanec, Group Legal Director of Ryhurst

Monday, 17th November, 2014 4:33pm



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Surprise! Surprise! Another privatisation nail in the NHS coffin!

Will the next stage be the transfer gratis of all NHS buildings so that “they can be managed properly”?


The start of NHS privatisation of our Hospital unless Islanders can stop it.


‘First’First to sell out.Taxpayers pay for the NHS. Did Andrew Turner MP know about this? Is the IWC still going to work locally with the NHS after this?
Is this what Island people want?

Mr Einsteins Ghost

As someone who works their, my gut feeling is not positive at all at anymore private involvement; that said, I have to be honest and say I barely understood a word of the article! Nothing to do with OTW, but cloaked in typical nhs/government/political speak. The words sound impressive, but I have no idea what they actually mean!


This is just Jargon and gobbledegook

Is it supposed to impress everyone without actually stating what the partnership will do.

I suspect OUR NHS is being sold off under the name of Venture Partnership

Why can’t they use plain English when spending public money


But they all look so happy! They’re must be doing the right thing. What could possibly go wrong :-O


☆☆☆”The IW NHS CEO says the partnership will ensure they make the best use of their estate to line their own pockets.”☆☆☆

There. Fixed it for you.


Phew, at least its not just me that has no idea what the different partners get out of this. Have they handed over land? Maybe someone in the know could explain in simple terms what the nature of the deal is.


They stand condemned!

Karen Baker, the Trust executive, the Tories – the lot.

This road of privatisation of our NHS is wrong and working class people oppose anything that takes us down it.

Let the next General election be a focus for the survival and reversal of decisions that have been put in place contrary to our National Health Service.

The Sciolist
Absolute bo*****s statements that say precisely nothing. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. What on earth are they actually trying to say? The ordinary person has no chance of understanding this tosh, other than to guess it may mean they are using a private partner to manage the hospital building? If this is correct, why not tell us HOW will this work in practice? Instead of… Read more »
Stephen Collinson, Managing Director of Ryhurst said: “ We are delighted to be working with Isle of Wight NHS Trust, marking the start of a journey that will draw on both our capabilities to add real value to the Trust’s estate for the benefit of staff and patients.” Does that mean that any increase in capital or revenue reverts to St. Mary’s NHS Trust rather than sticking… Read more »

Your still talking rubbish and failed to switch on your Waffle Extractor before attempting a Plain English Explanation.
I hope the Actual Contract makes more sense


In simple terms- Will any profits or increase in capital value be paid to the NHS without management and/0r consultancy fees?


The question is besides the point.

Not that I need point out to you, but the NHS is for provision of *care*….not profit.


True P-L however given the parlous state of NHS finances one needs to plug leakages (e.g. business consultancy and management fees) and encourage inflows of money.

My question addresses both elements.

Robert Jones

God alone knows what it means, because I don’t.

This is management-speak at its very worst.



It isn’t tosh, it’s simply corporate speak for….’money’. Have check at what Ryhurst does, its not a model of altruism.

Interestingly, “their estate”….isn’t *theirs*, it’s a public asset/institution with no democratic mandate given to sign any of it away or for it’s stewardship to be outsourced.


My Wife has just clearly explained the whole thing to me.

Apparently the Management Trust has Brought in New Managers to Manage the Managers who are managing the the Hospital Management

So that’s all right then


Caption Competition anyone?

“There, that’s the press release done, I’m quite sure they’ll never figure this out, won’t stand a chance…”

Condemn the Isle of Wight Trust’s Decision to Privatise! The Capitalist oriented Isle of Wight NHS Trust has entered a 50:50 joint venture partnership with a private sector partner. It has done this because it failed miserably in getting the Government to allow it to become a Foundation Trust. As before the IW NHS CEO has tried to sell it on the basis of supporting “high quality… Read more »
mike starke
“Wight Life Partnership LLP”… Hmmmm. It’s the “LLP” that catches my eye. According to Wikipedia: “In relation to tax, a UK LLP is similar to a partnership, namely, it is tax-transparent, that is to say it pays no UK corporation tax or capital gains tax. Instead, LLP income and/or gains are distributed gross to partners as self-employed persons, rather than as PAYE employees.” So, let me get… Read more »

As a Limited Liaability Partnership (LLP) will “Wight Life Partnership LLP” be able to hide from Freedom Of Information requests as private companies like Island Roads are able by claiming “commercial confidentiality”?

If so, yet more taxpayer-owned assets will escape public scrutiny!

Vix Lowthion

Can we find anyone, anywhere, who isn’t in this photo, who thinks that this is a Good Idea?


And they’ve been allowed to sign up for 15 years – until 2029?

Why isn’t this Big News?

When you’re going to rely on initials later in a piece it’s best practice to initially put the words in full, immediately followed by the initials in brackets. Has anyone seen what ‘OJEU’ means? So, ‘estates’ = buildings. How will Ryhurst get money out of this – simply by selling off sections/most of the NHS buildings, to private health companies? What will they be responsible for as… Read more »

The Health Unions should have a vote of no-confidence in Karen Baker.

Just look at their smug faces. They don’t care a bit what we think. it makes my blood boil. They have taken this decision, they don’t care one iota what it means to the likes of us.We don’t even feature in their thoughts. We shouldn’t let them get away with what they are doing to our health service. Did you notice there are no Doctors with them.… Read more »
Albert Street

Why would a private company want to get involved with the NHS? Could it be because they are good guys and just want to help? Or is it they can see a huge money earning potential for themselves?

sam salt
Reading the article for the first time I thought “what is this about”. However I then read it again and all became clear or should I say clearer. It appears to me that the IWNHS is being prudent here. They seem to have identified that they have land and buildings (estates) not being fully utilised or used to their fullest potential. They obviously do not have the… Read more »
This is absolute corporate tosh. What does it all mean in simple English ? Who are these people ? The man who looks so pleased with himself is Danny Someone. More often seen in the glossy photos of the great and the good in Island Life than St Mary’s. I have worked in the Health Service all my life (not I hasten to say in management) and… Read more »
Dementia — If you went to the Trust Board meetings (I do) you’d know that Danny Fisher is a brilliant Chair with a first-class grasp of the Trust as well as plenty of practical commonsense presumably from his British Army days. The Trust Chief Exec, Karen Baker, is a nurse with a great deal of hands-on patient experience. How about going to a Trust board meeting before… Read more »

David, if Trust Board meetings are a good chance for Islanders to ask questions in an informal atmosphere, would you give us the details of the next one please?

tryme — Board meetings are not for consultation. Usually there is a chance to collar a Director over coffee at the beginning but that isn’t the purpose and you may not speak. There are frequent public meetings at which a short-ish presentation is made and the public can ask from the audience, followed by an informal coffee/biscuits period. The last one of those I went to was… Read more »
sam salt
@Dsvid you say the last Board Meeting you went to was in East Cowes. I think you will find that this meeting not an IWNHS Board Meeting but a meeting of the IWCCG two entirely different things. Tryme should register to join the Trust as you suggest. These meetings are more informal, give a good understanding of different aspects of what the hospital does and she would… Read more »
I think posters here *have* got the gist of this press release, (and perhaps you have benfited from that), but we think it’s totally inadequate when it comes to practical description and explanation. So we wonder if they’re hiding the reality. People seem to be getting clearer that they probably are. Crossing our fingers and hoping for the best is all very well, but the public is… Read more »

Enough — Board meetings are at St Mary’s in the Board Room/Conference room 1st floor just past the canteen and Internet café. The East Cowes thing was the informal presentation. Can’t remember what they called it. I don’t do acronyms beyond ‘WC’.

Geek — a little joke to tryme who suggested that I am one, the other day!

sam salt

Thanks for the directions David, I know the way though, it was very kind of you to be helpful and perhaps it might encourage others to attend.
I would have thought that a well run and managed Board Meeting, (IWNHS), would have taken precedence over a parish council meeting but there you go.

Enough. Do you suppose Danny, Karen and the team will manage OK without my cheerful scrutiny? Thought so ;-) I shall miss them, of course – it is a pleasure to go and I recommend everyone who can does go especially if they have negative views of the NHS Directors. However, on this occasion the Parish Council meeting is a must because it has been called at… Read more »
I got that David! I hope you also saw that I regard ‘geek’ nowadays to have broadened out to mean anyone who’s got any absorbing interest in anything, and not a put-down. I know you worry about ‘not taking a good photo’, but that’s not what people have written about here. People have simply contrasted the smiling with how annoying. the message seems to be. It sounds… Read more »
Mark Francis

Copy & paste, tryme.


Wasn’t a question, more a reflction on the quality of deathless prose ;-o

tryme — You misunderstand. It’s nothing to do with keeping people at bay. It is a proper board meeting. There is a second part that is private with press and public excluded but it has to be given the line-management and personal nature of much of the work. Being allowed to sit in on board meetings is a privilege. Use it or lose it. And certainly use… Read more »
Mark Francis

Hmm… an evening at an NHS trust Board consultation meeting thingy. Or watching my DVD collection of paint drying.



Enough — Do you live in West Wight?

sam salt

David, wish I had the money to be able to afford to live in the beautiful West Wight. Why do you ask?


Oh, not enough, Enough? Shame. I know someone who speaks like you write and I wondered in thee and she were the same person.



Would you consider the drafting of a ‘NHS *Reinstatement* Bill’ just as prudent?

sam salt

peaceful-life I really cannot comment as I do not have the knowledge of the NHS Reinstatement Bill to be able to do so.

Robert Jones
I strongly doubt that there’s anything sinister in it at all – they aren’t a sinister bunch up at the Trust. But if you issue a press release and it receives a response such as that it has received here, it isn’t the fault of the recipients: it’s your fault because you can’t write in accessible English. Whether intentionally or not – and it can’t have been,… Read more »
Mark Francis

Perhaps the Trust might look after the public interest better if they were sinister.
“Ah, Mr Collinson…we haff been expecting you…”
“Mr. Collinson- you disappoint me.
St Mary’s does not tolerate failure…”

That kind of thing…


…very tall, some of those buildings. A chap could easily fall off while sizing it up …

Robert Jones

I have, frankly, sometimes thought that – but sinister goes against the grain of modern management; I don’t think they’re necessarily over-tolerant of weakness, though… there is a hint of steel within the velvet glove, and there always needs to be.

@AS Yes- they can probably see a huge money earning potential- just like the academy chains- where the tax-payer funds day-to-day operations: where they canlegally avoid being taxed: where there is the strong chance of capital growth from any transferred state-owned assets. (from the Ryhurst website) “Stephen (Collinson) joined Ryhurst in February 2008 to expand the organisation’s business development programme and health portfolio…. ………Stephen was an integral… Read more »
The ‘smiling’ thing is silly. These are posed for the camera. They’ve already signed the documents and have gathered round for the shoot. Think wedding photos. Not all of us take good photos especially when asked to smile…how often do we see wedding photos where two look fantastic while the others look terrible? The Trust take their own photos with a tiny weeny compact camera. I think… Read more »

As a keen photographer I know ways of making people smile in group shots.


PS if you do go to the board meeting, best to take the bus.

Mark Francis
By utilising the estate to its full potential in delivering the Trust’s clinical strategy it will support our aspirations to provide quality care for everyone every time and promote the integrated care pathways. This will assist in aligning estate strategies to enable Person centred, coordinated health and social care vision to become a reality. In an ever-changing healthcare environment, our innovative partnership model continues to bring real… Read more »
Robert Jones
This happens in any sector in which most of the public pronouncements aren’t aimed at the public at all, but at the regulators. A former deputy chief exec of the old Housing Corporation (given another and more meaningless name now) admitted that most of its reports were “written in colloquial Venusian”. A point is reached where they no longer understand they’re talking in code, and get quite… Read more »

@Cicero one [wo]mans “leak” is another mans intended profit stream, therefore….turn the tap off.


Agreed! The Trust has just turned the tap on…

I must admit i did not understand the press release.But can some one please tell why st marys need this company when they have there own estates department?.Are they saying that this department is not fit to carry out this work and if not why not.One thing that worries me is the cost to the hospital in any work carried out by this company.We have all seen… Read more »
That crossed my mind too, Tosh, I’m glad you raised it. Why would it need a whole new company sending someone round to size up all the Island NHS sites if the NHS already has someone who could do that – and keep for the NHS the financial benefit of selling off. That probably sounds a silly question to the managers, but it’s not a point they’ve… Read more »

sorry about the mistake’s i must get new glasses


Tosh — What an excellent point. Probably easiest just to write to the Trust and ask. Anyone up for it?

Robert Jones

I’ll be asking the question at the next meeting of the Patients Council. I’ve already told the Head of Communications what I think of this god-awful press release. I’ve had a high opinion of him hitherto, so hope he didn’t write it himself….

Robert Jones — What powers does the Patients’ Council have? tryme — No, I didn’t know but it isn’t always easy for me to follow things as I don’t have the agenda in advance or background papers at all. Sometimes they have decided a matter before I have twigged what it’s about! Some Parish and Town Councils do that…shouldn’t be allowed. The IWC is pretty good, all… Read more »
You’re endearingly honest, David! I like that. If even attending Trust Board meetings means one isn’t made aware of major changes in the offing, I think ‘sinister’ may not be too far off the mark. Let’s say ‘deliberately unclear’. This is how the NHS works then, is it – ‘Nurse/the doctor knows best’? As David says, the IWC is a paragon of openness and transparency compared to… Read more »
Robert Jones
Powers, David, none – it’s a consultative body which receives regular updates from the Trust and comments on them. We are generally supportive, as you would expect – some of the members work as volunteers at the hospital – but are entirely capable of telling the Board when we think it’s got things wrong. I haven’t had a chance to consult with my colleagues on this as… Read more »


Why hazard an “if” on the *Trust* reaching the infamy of “foundation” when there is a Bill calling for the abolition of both ‘trusts’….and ‘Foundation trusts’?

Have you read the ‘NHS Reinstatement Bill’?

Robert Jones

Haven’t read it or even heard of it – enlighten us.

“If” is because the NHS Trust has fallen at the first hurdle – the CQC inspection – and has no chance of becoming a FT before the next election. That election, whatever bills may be in the offing and whatever they would mean if passed, could change the entire picture.

A consultation is being launched on a new Bill that aims to reverse the failings of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and fully restore the National Health Service (NHS) in England as an accountable public service. The Bill proposes to abolish competition and the purchaser-provider split, re-establish public bodies and public accountability, and restrict the role of commercial companies. It draws on some of the… Read more »
(A possible interpretation and comments on Karen Baker’s-NHS- statement) St. Mary’s is looking for new way to deliver its responsibilities. Ryhurst has done a great sales job persuading us that we can RE-invest for the future. (Reinvest suggest that there will be new money- where is that going to come from?) Our clinical strategy is to offload general medical care to local communities, patient’s own homes and… Read more »
Inspired by Cicero, a fairly straight stab at putting the press release in plain English: ‘The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has signed a deal with private company Ryhurst, so we can sell off some of our buildings and put the resultant money into patient care. This is a 15 year agreement with an option to extend for a further five years. We won’t need all these… Read more »
MArk Francis

No, no. They are all Lizard people, I tell you! Lizards!
If you look carefully at those I.D tags -they’re zips!


I’ve seen David Icke in the Coop looking perfectly normal, Mark, and a member of staff confirmed he is. So unless he’s been taken out of context, (which I suspect is so), you can indeed take it on very good authority.

Now try to calm down, we all believe you….(Nurse? Nurse!…)

Robert Jones

Now look – Danny Fisher may, like me, be getting a little more leathery as the years march on, but I have to defend him against these Lizardist allegations…. Why, he’s as normal as I am…..

And Tryme – you may very well be right in your masterly transliteration: trouble is, how can we know?

Whatever HAPPENED to English….?


Well done Cicero, a good interpretation of what these privatisers really mean!


NHS Reinstatement Bill, link…..

Robert Jones
Yes, I read the summary on the campaign’s website a few minutes ago. I should be happy to support such a bill, the most positive feature of which is an end to the purchaser/provider split, and the huge bureaucracy this has created. I’m wondering how it would fare given the EU’s various bits of unhelpful legislation, but it does seem to me we’re entitled to run our… Read more »

@ Robert.

The potentials would do well to take heed, especially seeing as the prior ones were instrumental in bringing this about, the word ‘repeal’ somehow got lost along the way.

I signed up to the NHS TRUST, now I’m not that convinced it’s such a good idea. We have Trusts failing all across the country so I’m not sure why St Mary’s were so keen to get on board. Apart from junk mail (which must cost a fortune to print) I don’t seem to get any information re meetings etc. So now I’m wondering why they required… Read more »