Letter: House flooding fears after Island Roads’ re-surfacing

Although residents are pleased to have a shiny new road, there are fears the lack of drop kerb since resurfacing could result in flooding to their gardens and properties.

Hyde Road -

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As a former resident of Hyde Road in Shanklin, I am well aware of the regular deep stream of water that flows across the junction of Hyde Road with Languard Road due to inadequate drainage.

This occurs every time the Fire Brigade practice or empty their tanks, as well as during rain. The only thing that protected our property from flooding on a regular basis was the dropped kerb.

How the road looked before it was re-surfaced by Island Roads
Hyde Road, Shanklin

Following the recent resurfacing of the road, the kerb is now almost flush with the road surface, so the slightest amount of rain or water from the fire station opposite, will simply flood down the driveways to the properties on the south side of the road.

I can only assume that no-one realised the problem as the job was probably done on a dry day, nevertheless I feel sure that the current residents will feel that a slightly uneven road surface is infinitely more desirable than regular flooding!

We’ll highlight this to Island Roads and ask what their remedy will be. If readers have any other examples of similar happening, let us know. Ed

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Thursday, 17th July, 2014 9:16am


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Don Smith

How nice – Flooding? Nice to have a dropped kerb.