Letter: ‘C’mon Dave Stewart don’t treat us for fools’

Steve Gibbs believes changes to how petitions will be accepted, a reduction in the number of public meetings, and the lack of written responses from the council constitute the death of democracy on the Isle of Wight.

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This letter from Steve Gibbs. Ed

I read in amazement that the Isle of Wight Council has decided to limit the number of petitions that will be accepted to the council chamber.

These petitions are a democratic process in which the public are able to use demonstrate how important a subject matter is to them, especially when they feel unrepresented!

Fewer meetings
It’s interesting that under the Tory administration the number of council meetings have been axed, as-well-as new rules making it harder to submit a petition.

The new rules state that even if you do put a petition in and meet the 2,500 threshold your petition may not be accepted if three other petitions have already been submitted for that meeting, this means those after shall fall and not carry over. How can that be democratic?

Outsourced services
Next I am really concerned that the council state that they will only accept petitions directly involving the council.

I fear that a plan to outsource more services will be a way of bypassing these petitions.

Fobbed off by leader
I and others have been fobbed off by leader of the council, Dave Stewart, who when dealing with questions says “put your questions in writing”.

Well I have back in February. Twice! Yet I still have no reply, further more, when in the council chamber Dave promises he’ll get back to you writing.

However I and others have evidence Dave has not done so and when trying to follow up we receive no response.

Don’t treat us for fools
What is our Council afraid? Is it the Bad publicity or is it the plans they have are being thwarted?

Dave Stewart from the feedback I’ve received, you’ve upset your electorate.

So with that in mind, C’mon Dave Stewart don’t treat us for fools!

Image: Kenny Luo under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 20th May, 2019 9:35am


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Mark L Francis

Like the photo – I see Boris Johnson is out campaigning for Leader again.