Mass Anti-Cuts Rally Planned For 5pm Today

Another rally planned for 5pm today against cuts to public services

A mass rally outside County Hall is planned from 5pm today.

ProtestersCampaigners against the proposed cuts to public services will gather to protest and make their feelings known prior to the 6pm Cabinet Meeting.

Alliance supporters, trade unionists, residents and other campaigners are all planning to take part.

Warm-up for 19th Feb protest
There’ll be some visual clues as to how the campaigners feel about what they refer to as, the block voting Tories. Little Bo Peep will be in attendance, ready to shepherd her sheep into County Hall later tonight.

“This is just the warm up for our big public protest on 19 February – we want to show the cabinet members the strength of feeling among the community regarding their proposed cuts budget”, stated Alliance spokesperson, Geoff Mason.

“Councillor Pugh said the other day, that he would not meet with Alliance representatives until we could offer an alternative budget. Well, we haven’t actually asked to meet with him; we’re not local authority economists, we’re local residents who want our councillors to do the right thing, support our vital local services and vote in the way that the electorate ask them to – not in the way that Leader Pugh tells them!” added Mason.

Live coverage from 6pm
Question time at the beginning of the meeting should be a lively one.

VB will be reporting live as usual.

Tune in from 6pm for live coverage as it happens.

Tuesday, 8th February, 2011 11:05am



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Paul Miller


This mysteriously appeared in 10-foot letters on the tidal sand at Lake this morning. I saw it from the cliff top around 10am. Anyone walking along the revetment could see it clearly too.

Perhaps some pictures exist. Who’s the artist, I wonder?


Good luck to the protesters.Make it a good one.No surrender to the cuts. We shall fight them on the beaches(as well as County Hall!-maybe that was the meaning of the sign in the sand!The Council are the enemy of the people now.That is serious stuff.