More to the Island Plan than 10,000 new homes, say Green councillors

There are just a few more days to have your say on the draft Island Plan, which Green Party councillors from across the Isle of Wight town and parish councils say “must serve the needs of Islanders and the planet”. Link within.

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Vix Lowthion shares this latest news on behalf of Green Party councillors from across the Isle of Wight town and parish councils. Ed

Isle of Wight Association of Green Councillors comment on draft Island Planning Strategy Development Plan Document.

Green Party Councillors from across the Island are submitting a detailed and considered response to the Island Plan.

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Currently running at 25 pages, it proposes sustainable housing, expansion of the cycle network and prioritises local jobs.

Lowthion: Rare opportunity to have your say
Cllr Vix Lowthion, Green Party spokesperson said,

“The Island Planning Strategy is a rare opportunity for Islanders to be consulted on what we want the future of our Island to be like for the next twenty years. It is vital that every Islander makes their contribution – and the deadline of midday on Monday 25th February is fast approaching!

“Whilst it has been widely reported that 10,000 homes are proposed to be built, there are many other aspects of the strategy which could provide positive opportunities for our Island – and it is important that we comment on these too.

“The current document does not go far enough in terms of sustainably-built housing and employment opportunities. Proposing only eight miles of cycle paths is woeful when we need to reduce our carbon emissions to net zero in the next 12 years.

“Our Planning strategy must serve the needs of Islanders and the planet – and be much more ambitious when it comes to protecting our Island for generations to come.”

12 years to save the planet campaigners

Have your say
Isle of Wight Green Party urge residents to email by Monday to comment on housing, infrastructure, employment and the countryside.

You can comment via the Consultation Website.

Friday, 22nd February, 2019 10:07am



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Email updates?

I wish someone would inform the public exactly what the proposals are for this building scheme, just publishing headlines like “10,000 new homes to be built on the Island” doesn’t give the public enough detail, how can we make our opinions known, without the hard facts?

Freddie – read the plan and read the document on ‘On the Wight’. You have to read the stuff like we all do – nobody is going to GIVE you the facts – it’s not in their interests. Remember ‘mushroom management’ – keep them in the dark and feed them ‘s..t’. We have to rely on ourselves not on ‘someone’. The draft Plan is at Comments… Read more »