Naked dining comes to the Isle of Wight

Would you be prepared to strip off and experience naked dining in what’s described as “a safe, friendly environment”? OnTheWight has details of what’s on offer.

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We’ve heard of dining in the dark, or eating from unusual tablewear (think food served in dustpans), but this is the first time we’ve heard of naked dining.

The organiser of Bristol’s World Naked Bike Ride, Will Bryson, got in touch with OnTheWight over the weekend to let us know about his plans to bring the concept of Naked Dining to the Isle of Wight next month.

A “really positive, life-affirming experience”
Taking place at the Castle Inn, Newport, the event aims to provide a safe, friendly environment, in which to be naked.

Will says it can be a “really positive, life-affirming experience” and that “if your new year’s ambition is to try new things, here’s the perfect way to do it”.

So many questions
For those unfamiliar with naturism there will be so many questions, such as,

  • What if someone I know sees me?
  • Do I need to be completely naked?
  • Is this a sexual event?
  • Will it just be middle-aged white men?
  • Can I take photos at the event?

All of which can be answered by Will before you book. But don’t think that because you dine in the nude there’ll be any funny business. Organiser, Will Bryson, says,

“All Dine Naked events involve non-sexual nudity, and are only for people aged 18+.”

Change of direction
Will says,

“I previously led the organisation of Bristol’s World Naked Bike Ride for three years. I’m taking a step back from that now, but I wanted to find another way to share with people the positive experience of being naked in a safe, friendly environment. All Dine Naked events are run in collaboration with staff from the venue.”

Image: flying_naturist under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 25th March, 2019 12:47pm



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Email updates?

Gazpacho for me, I always end up spilling soup in my lap.


Why pay for something you could just as easily do at home if you are that way inclined. This would be the ideal venue for exhibitionists and voyeurs.