Permission granted under delegated powers to demolish and replace Grand Hotel

The revised application to demolish the Grand Hotel in Sandown and replace it with a 30-bedroomed art-deco style hotel has avoided a hearing at the planning committee and been approved by planning officers.

Grand Hotel Sandown

Campaigners who have fought to save the Grand Hotel on Sandown’s seafront have lost their battle, after planning permission was given to demolish the building as part of an outline planning application (what’s this?).

The application sought demolition of the existing three-storey 30-bedroom Art Deco style hotel, to be replaced with a new four-storey 30-bedroom hotel.

Mixed opinions on the development
A petition with 62 signatures from residents to ‘Save the Grand Hotel’, was submitted, but as it included no valid planning objections, it’s unclear whether the objections were taken into account.

Eleven of the 19 comments on the latest application were in favour of the demolition and development.

A decision to approve the application was made under delegated powers by planning officers.

“Another piece of Sandown’s history will be destroyed”
A spokesperson for those campaigning to save the hotel told OnTheWight,

“We are sad to see that another piece of Sandown’s social and architectual history will be destroyed. The owners have a history of buying buildings and allowing them to become derelict in a pattern we have seen at other iconic buildings on the Island.

“The history of PLUTO and the connection of the Grand Hotel to the Brown’s Golf course and the interior taken from the ship Aquitania will now be lost forever and we hope that the new hotel will actually be built, as none of the current owners actions result so far in any progress in either restoration or re build.

“We are really thankful for the help we had from the 20th Century Society and the 300+ supporters who helped try to save and revive the building, and although we have ultimately failed in our goal we have tried our best to save this Grand old building.”

Officer Justification
The officer says in her report,

The existing building is considered to detract from the character and appearance of the area because of its physical condition, however, it has an important historical connection and an element of local identity whereby its loss can only be justified if the replacement would enhance to the extent that the impact could be justified.

The new plans do seem to be more in keeping with the art-deco theme than the previous, having also been reduced in height and length.

Previous rejection
Previous plans to demolish the hotel were rejected by the Isle of Wight council in October 2013.

The reasons for refusal included, the loss of a prominent building, an unacceptable profile, failing to enhance or better reveal the significance of the surrounding heritage assets, an unacceptable and intrusive impact upon the character and appearance of the area and its scale and massing resulting in the proposed development having an overbearing and over dominant impact.

Outline planning permission
Applications for outline planning permission seek to establish whether the scale and nature of a proposed development would be acceptable to the local planning authority, before a fully detailed proposal is put forward.

Full details of the officer justification can be found below. Click on full screen icon to see larger version.

Image: © Google Streetview

Monday, 27th October, 2014 12:27pm



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Very sad this historic building is for the wreckers ball. Let us hope some of the Aquitania interior can be retained for inclusion in the new hotel, if ever built.


The interior panelling from the Aquitania would attract world-wide interest if people knew about it. It would be great if some of the panelling could be saved and worked into the new hotel.

Simon Haytack

Excellent news. Just need the Savoy and Wight City taken care of now.


…. and the increasing number of empty shops in Sandown High St!


The Savoy Court is currently awaiting a planning decision on demolition and construction of 19 flats. The building that was home to Baileys and the Albion Hotel is up for sale with permission to upgrade the existing upper floors and retain the ground floor as a retail unit. I agree about Wight City though, it’s been going on for too long.

The trouble with Wight City was the greed of the developers. They wanted a 9-storey building with commercial at the base and some 69 flats over (if I remember rightly) – and parking underground for maybe 100 cars with entrance and exit on to the narrow one-way Fort Street, where there is already one Council Car Park. It was refused at least twice (including an adverse report… Read more »

Who delegated this?

sam salt
Derek, the decision would have been made through the normal planning mechanism. If there was no valid (material) planning issues to stop the development and the two Sandown Councillors, (Ward and Blezzard), signed it off without asking it to go before the planning committee, then the decision would have been made under delegated powers by a Council Officer. This would have been after discussion with other officers… Read more »
There are two issues here. The decision-making process and the decision itself.Delegated decisions were much discussed previously to do with democracy.The speed of decision-making would be for expedience and getting the plans through although controversial. The decision itself takes on board the heritage factor and the economics. Whether the existing fabric of the building should be kept and uprated or something in the design to re-build in… Read more »