PughTube Investigation And Council Officers Under Fire

Island MP’s partner writes to all council members about his dissatisfaction with Cllr Pugh

We firmly believe that it’s in the public interest to report the following.

Of course, everyone, especially Cllr David Pugh, leader of the Isle of Wight council, remembers the incident at the Valentine’s Ball last year.

It leaked to public awareness when VB broke the story, transforming itself into PughTube after Cllr Pugh was caught on video camera, screaming obscenities at the partner of the Island MP in the public car park of Cowes Yacht Haven.

After David Pugh was reported to Standards for England, the council carried out an internal investigation (on the Island against the express wishes of the complainants) and Cllr Pugh was exonerated with the Isle of Wight council’s Standards Committee finding him without wrong.

Recent developments
On Tuesday this week, a letter was sent to all members of the Isle of Wight council by Carole Dennett, Andrew Turner’s partner. In her letter, she states that Andrew knows nothing of the letter being sent, as he is currently away on holiday, and would probably have advised against it if he did know.

In the letter, which you can read below, Miss Dennett is clearly unhappy with the way the investigation into an alleged breach of the code of conduct has been handled, among many other things.

Davina Fiore
Davina Fiore – head of legal at IWC is named a number of times. Separately, it’s stated that Miss Dennett had been told by a council officer (not Ms Fiore we assume) that a formal investigation was underway into her allegations, only to find out months later that nothing of the sort had happened.

Steve Beynon
Chief Executive of IWC, Steve Beynon, is explicitly named, as is Dave Burbage. There are claims that investigations carried out by him were factually incorrect.

Pugh “vitriolic”
“Dealing with Cllr Pugh has been problematic since well before the events of 12th February last year,” item six starts, with details of email exchanges with David Pugh that she describes as “vitriolic.”

Private Eye, Cllr Pugh and the Bio-Mass Plant
The involvement of David Pugh in the possible Bio-Mass Plant on the Medina River, which appeared in Private Eye is raised. Miss Dennett says, “Under such circumstances it appears to me that he (Cllr Pugh) should at the very least, have not involved himself in such private discussions involving that company …”

Who leaked Pugh – Brown email?
It is alleged that the email that is referenced in the Private Eye article, was sent between only Cllr Pugh and Cllr George Brown.

Roger Mazillius
It’s claimed that Cllr Roger Mazillius wrote to Andrew Turner after the Valentine’s Ball complaining that he had ‘received reports of the most disgraceful behaviour by your partner …” It says that not only did Cllr Mazillius refuse to talk about it, or be prepared to listen to another version of the events, but it’s claimed he refused to help Andrew Turner during his General Election campaign.

“Lack of action”
Carole Dennett finishes her letter “It is a lack of action from senior officers and Cllr Pugh’s attitude and recent false allegations about me that have caused me finally to speak out on these matters.”

Pugh and Bushby threatening legal action
If you’ve seen the brief CP report about the letter today, you’ll see that they claim David Pugh and Rachel Bushby are considering taking legal action against Miss Dennett.

When we spoke to Miss Dennett earlier this evening, she said her legal advisor had told her, you can only take legal action if what is being said is untrue.

The Letter
We were planning to run Carole’s letter, all six pages of it. However, unprompted, we received an email from David Pugh at 11.33pm this evening.

More details in our next post.

Thursday, 24th February, 2011 11:58pm


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Oooo Pugh stayed up past his bedtime!! It must be serious…


Just looked out me window – lights off in Poo’s Place: the Boy Wonder has now gone to bed! Needs his sleep to dream up more crazy ways to screw us all! HE WILL GET HIS COME UPPANCE!

so if its lies whats he worried about lets see it for ourselves and we the public can make up our own minds , come on cll pugh , sheep chicken comes to mind. hes brave enough to bully all the councillors but scared stiff to stand up to a womam , like i keep saying hes a joke , eventually he will be laughed out of… Read more »

Try as he might he can’t shut everyone up.
He can stamp his feet like a petulant child but it will all come out in the end.
Take it like a man, and get some …….


Carole Dennett and David Pugh will both know that libel/slander only applies if the complainant has a good reputation which would be damaged by a libellous/slanderous comments.

Carole Dennett and David Pugh will both know that there is practically nothing that could be said about David Pugh that has not already been said or could damage further his awful reputation!

food for thought

The sooner he’s rewarded for ‘doing the dirty’ on his own constituents, and leaves for Westminster the better.
Let them have the pair of them and see how much they can tolerate all the drunken brawls and slanging matches. I would guess more scandal will surely follow but at least we’ll all be out of range.


We’ve got enough Hooray Henry’s, Champagne Charlies and Burlington Berties in the Mother of all Cowsheds, we don’t want a paperboy from Shanklin spreading more bulls**t!!

montana sliver

Grow some and RESIGN, not necessarily in that order


Do you too suppose that now all the axing has been done, someone may now be politically expendable? Tories looking to sacrifice the patsy & rehabilitate the party – hah! As if…..

Polka Dot

Sorry. I missed the whole story, can somebody just lay it out for me. WHAT did he do ? to whom ?
ive read the blurb and looked at the links and seen the video. What exactly , is it all about ?
Im not being obtuse. I really dont know. looks like i missed the story of the year there.


I think you might have missed the point that this immature foul-mouthed idiot is actually the Leader of the Isle of Wight Council.

[parts of comment removed by moderator] Story is – well meaning, perhaps misguided, woman takes a p***** up, crying woman under her wing. P***** up woman’s “escort” for the evening decides that this is not how the evening should pan out in his view. He has other plans… The escort shouts abuse at well meaning woman while p***** up woman cries in background. “F*** off” is bellowed… Read more »
Polka Dot
Thankyou, and no, it hadnt escaped my notice that the boy blunder was f ing and blinding. I just didnt want to miss any juicy bits, shocking behaviour, ORF with his head. so, can i ask, why was the young lady having hysterics, and how did the woman carol overstep the mark ? The plot thickens. I love a good bit of gossip. I suppose he can… Read more »
Well I suppose Ms. D overstepped the mark by suggesting that if a woman is crying “I want to go to home to my mum” then she’s not keen to go home with you (third person you, not actually you Polka Dot) and she needs some protection -even if you have bought the crying one a frock and booked a room nearby. But before I retell an… Read more »
Polka Dot

Curiosity piqued. I shall go and have a look.


Cannot say I blame Ms Dennett for being peeved at the fact that the council do not appear to have investigated her claims properly. Surprise surprise, what else can you expect from the teflon coated shower led by an ignorant young slob who should be back where he belongs as a till girl in a shop.


Hang about I’m a till girl in a shop and I resent that implication….

And to think we had no idea that David was so insecure, he burns the midnight oil gazing at VB, waiting for the latest comment. It is not only Mr Pugh who has much to fear. If officers are named, then they also have to consider their legal position. If the allegations are true, we could see major changes at County Hall, not just the £4 million… Read more »

Who said “Publish and be damned”?

mark francis

The Duke of Wellington when being blackmailed by Lady Caroline Lamb after sleeping with her, I think- though if I am wrong, the dead cannot sue.

out of touch theconmag

The very worrying thing about this letter from C.D is the very cosy relationship between certain officers and Pugh. OFFICERS should be non Political Local Government rules state this.Is this the case on the Island I don’t think so


just a final quickie on this one, perhaps the item’s title should read pootube??

How sad it is to see to see this beautiful island going to rack and ruin due to the short sighted policies of David Pugh and his cronies. This man is totally out of his depth, acts like a spoilt school boy, unable to admit his mistakes and is obviously more concerned about his political career than the concerns of the island people. Many of my elderly… Read more »

never mind a cornet, all he can blow is his own trumpet- and even thats a lost cause! As for going to church- they say the Devil takes care of his own!

It would be hilarious if one day a classic headline appeared in the County Press and on the Ventnor Blog “Council leader found with his pants down” David Pugh was arrested today and charged with urinating in a public place. When asked by the police officer why he did not use a public toilet Mr Pugh replied “he could not find one due to his decision to… Read more »

Mr Pugh was that a secret little meeting at medina swimming pool spectator gallery with you fair lady (Lunch time today), trying to dig yourself out of another hole, or just getting use to that sinking feeling?

Victor Meldrew
Interesting though Ms Dennetts complaints are she raises some very important points about the behaviour of senior council officers that would bear investigation. If what she says is true it would seem that officers have been involving themselves in political matters that is outside their remit and, in the case of the “acting returning officer” extremely dangerous and silly. But then again this administration and its poodles… Read more »
someone else

for sure i think they should be getting investigated too.

gordon bennett

ok but who can investigate them
does anyone know


the whole process would be dealt with by the standard board for england, then if found to of acted wrongly they can be sacked. The standards board cant effect them directly but it can highlight down falls, which others can pick up on.


I have heard that the IWC paid a taxi firm to bring Roger Dixey back to the IW from London for the council meeting. Anyway we can find out?


Could well be true, after all the Government do it all the time. Although they usually use aircraft.

gordon bennett

ask under the freedom of information act

[email protected]

Don Smith

Does Dixcey resides in London – That explains a great deal. He’s so hard to contact.

I wonder if he has taken his lap-top with him?


Angie, I would love to know if that’s true

Mike Judge

What no-one seems to have thought through, is that when David Pugh says ‘move-on, this was a year ago blah blah’ that this could only be possible if the investigation had been handled properly at the time.
As ever, he has created his own mess.


oh dear, if anyone had ever thought about running for public office this is sure to’ve put them off!
How do we get back to having decent, honest, public spirited councillors who do the job because they genuinely care about the future of our Island?


au contrair….makes it almost definate.

We must to better than the current bunch on the island and the current parties at Westminster…that only happens by standing

Don Smith

And the money.

gordon bennett

Stand as an Independent at the 2013 elections

vote Independent at 2013 elections


Agreed Gordon. Or at least vote anyone else but Conservative to restore some balance. We know that in the room of the Puppet Master no-one, how ever good their intentions, would vote against his decisions.


Although the local elections are 2 years away, the campaign against Pugh and these uncaring Tories running the council needs to start now and continue right up to polling day. The people of the Isle of Wight need to be continually reminded of the harm they are unleashing on this island. I for one will be doing my bit.

KP Nuts

Precisely. He has pooh’d in his own pants this time.

Mike Judge
http://www.iwradio.co.uk/newscentre/listen-again/david-pugh-interview-listen-again-here-part-1-794 I thought I remembered this interview. Mr Pugh says he is unsure if he was on duty at the time of his foul mouthed tirade last year. An admission of doubt is almost as good as an admission of guilt isn’t it? What with that and his ‘impartial investigator’ now writing to councillors, stating it’s all been dealt with, I am even more certain that this… Read more »
montana sliver

So when does Turner return from Portugal?
Lets just hope he brings his backbone with him.


Andrew Turner is back from Portugal, both seen out in the Bargeman’s rest on Friday evening

montana sliver

Any sign of his backbone?
I didn’t even know they had foxes in Portugal.