Roundup of Anti-Cuts Meetings Over Next Week (updated)

A roundup of all anti budget cuts meetings

Given the number of anti-cuts meetings taking place over the coming week, and on the suggestion of VB reader Rebecca, we’ve gathered details of all public meetings we’re aware of.

Thursday 6th January
Taking place tonight will be the Save Island Libraries meeting. It is being held at Quay Arts and starts at 7pm.

Next up is the Save the Carnival Learning Centre meeting. This takes place at the CLC in Ryde at 7pm, but you need to confirm attendance first.

Saturday 8th
There is a meeting with Councillor for Chale, Niton and Whitwell, Dave Stewart on Saturday in the Niton Village Hall to discuss the intended closure of the library (See Facebook Group). Starts at 10.30am (thanks to Will for letting us know).

Monday 10th January
Monday sees a meeting for those concerned about the future of Westminster House. The meeting starts at 9.30am and takes place at the Riverside Centre in Newport.

Wednesday 12th January
Wednesday is a busy day with two meetings at the same time in different parts of the Island.

Newport sees a Stop The Cuts meeting take place at The Riverside Centre from 7pm.

Finally, a meeting to discuss the decisions behind closure of the Winter Gardens takes place at the WG from 7pm.

All are welcome to any of the above meetings.

If you know of any other anti-cuts meetings taking place, do get in touch and we’ll update the article.

Thursday, 6th January, 2011 10:23am



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The council has to make cuts to balance its budget. The cuts are being imposed by central government. It is a complete waste of time to object to ALL the cuts. If these people have all this time and energy perhaps they should steer it in a positive way and run services themselves as volunteers.

so which should they object to then? I would rather see objection to every single cut than objection to a select few. Object to them all and you may prevent some of the cuts. Object to only a few and you likely wont get anywhere. by the way, would you actually like birds to stop flying, or should you be called stop whinging? I dont really care… Read more »

wing verb informal. To perform or speak without having prepared what you are going to do or say.


wing formal meaning, that part of a bird or aircraft which facilitates flight.

However to take your meaning, why would people need or want to prepare what they are going to say on here? However much you protest, I personally think its much more likely that you misspelled Whinging. In any case, who cares. Its simply amusing.



Wight Knight

Why don’t you try the on-line simulator to select which services should be cut/retained. Perhaps then you may realise what a difficult task it is.

I have tried this on line simulator, however, found that it is skewed very much towards council plans. For example, the simulator it designed to cut costs within the local authority, but unfortunately, the designer of this tool has left out all the council departments including communication, planning etc, so the only way we can use the tool is to cut essential front line services. By great… Read more »

The council should have learnt to manage its budget before this…instead they ran up their own deficit


If we can’t trust the council to manage its previous budgets…how on earth are they going to be able to manage the new one


@stopwinging – well seems like you have fell for the local tory cover-up. Over 50% of the cuts are nothing to do with central governments cut backs, they are down to County Hall’s mismanagement. Our local council tried to hide £10m odd behind national cuts.


Whatever, the council still has to balance its budget. Where would you find £30m?


does it…this council has decieved us as to its own budget and what it spends on..the cut announced was a percentage…a percentage of what figure….the council just make up a figure to suit them

‘Whatever’ – reminds me of a certain Katherine Tate sketch. I would argue that this is important, as it should be clear who are the main culprits behind the mass slash and burn of Island public services. Where would I find £30m? I have not got a full breakdown of the Council budgets in front of me but I will have a go. I would implement a… Read more »

blimey…come the day of revolution brother – I have a job for you :)

Tax holiday homes higher


and bring back the dog license

Victor Meldrew

Would I get a cheaper one for my dalmation – it’s black and white!

Actually had thought of holiday/second homes but am not fully versed on the current tax levels etc. and who has ability to change them. Note that took me 10mins and the back of a fag packet to devise, surely those who have had months to come up with solutions could do a little better. Also I think I have underestimated on the number of IWC employees so… Read more »

The answer my friend does not lie in revolution, but lies in revolt. Revolution always ends up too bloody. Although as the current events unfold I have found myself secretly dreaming of an Alan Moore-esque solution ;-)


I to am not in favour of revolution, or really in any mass demonstration as they just become media playgrounds.

accountability and being held to it is what we need


Revolt does not necessarily mean mass demonstration, there are many more tools which hit the power structures much harder, and achieve greater accountability.


Just realised a major accounting error on my part – used 0.5 instead of 0.05 to calculate my percentage so am £18m short. Will have to go back to the drawing board, but its late and the cricket is on so will have to wait for a revised budget. ;-)

Flaws of 10min budgets i’m afraid :-( But I will try to find the extra £18m tomorrow.

allan marsh

10 min budget ,seems to me you took longer working on that than our elected members did

Mr Justice

One cut most welcome, is the 20 jobs going in the communications department.

However, I am astonished that 40 people were ever employed in the first place. I am also disappointed that 20 will remain after the cull.

This is the Isle of Wight, why does the council need so many people to communicate with us?


One to communicate, 19 left to blame

Mr Justice
How did local government ever get into such a mess? The provision of services, that was the purpose of local government. Look after the children, old folk, empty the bins, sweep the roads, run the libraries, pools etc. It wasn’t difficult to provide these services. Hard working people just got on with it. Local councillor’s were boring, but respected people, helping the community for a few hours… Read more »
Better informed than most
Has anyone else noticed the threat to Westminster House/Adelaide/Gouldings? The council say that they are no longer going to be a “provider” of services. I take this to mean that services currently run by the council will be “outsourced”. So a few months after Westminster House is closed and respite care transferred to Adelaide/Gouldings these will be “privatised”. One assumes Westminter House staff will be subject to… Read more »
John R
Re: Better Informed than most. Yes, it does look as though they will walk away from providing services, prefering to outsource, but only after they have sold off the prime sites, but this has been on the cards for some time. If you look the website for Reside, most of their properties are converted bungalow’s and houses, perhaps this project on the IOW is larger than what… Read more »