Watch Sam Pilgrim crown ‘Ventnor – The place to urban downhill’, as professional mountain bikers ride the steps

This video of Professionals riding bikes down Ventnor steps will get you gasping, as they ride from the top of the town – down staircases(!) – right down to the beach. Clearly not for your everyday rider

at the top of st albans steps

This video of Pros riding bikes down Ventnor steps will get you gasping.

Last week News OnTheWight shared professional mountain biker, Tom Isted’s video of his time on the Isle of Wight, when he referred to it as, ‘the dream location’.

Sam: World Champion rider
Tom was joined by several other professional mountain bikers on the trip, including the legendary Sam Pilgrim (a World Champion rider), who in his latest video (see below) takes on the steps of Ventnor, in some urban downhill riding.

Sam is joined by Zac Rainbow and Elliot Harper, as well as Islander Sam Hodgson, as they as they ride from the top of Ventnor – down several sets of steps (!) – right down to the beach.

The day out for the riders has earned Ventnor some new accolades, ‘Ventnor – “The place to urban downhill”, “Ventnor, Isle of Wight – the King of steps” and “The Mecca of stairs”.

A few heart-stopping moments
Watching the video, we found you can’t help but curl your toes as the four ride down some staggeringly steep steps across a range of steep routes around Ventnor.

There were a few heart-stopping moments, as they descend down the lower section of St Albans steps with 180 degree turns at each corner – the danger of toppling over the steps and plummeting to the bottom feeling very real.

Not for your everyday rider
It’s worth pointing out that these are professional riders – people who have put years and years of practice in to raise themselves up to the peak of competition. In short, it’s not for your everyday rider.

In the comments on the video, Iowcatalyst said, 

“Got a feeling my mate rode the steep ones in Bonchurch when we were teenagers, I would never go near them though.”

Given Sam has 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, it’s highly likely that Ventnor will be seeing more trick cyclists on their steps – Quite what the residents/locals will think of that is debatable.

Urban downhill is big
Urban downhill has a worldwide following and the videos are hair raising. Here’s Sam racing in Medellin, Colombia – **warning** – Brace yourself!

Thanks to Mike Stradling for the heads up

Article edit
2:42pm 2nd Nov 2020 – Completed the clarification that this isn’t for average riders.

Image: © Sam Pilgrim

Monday, 2nd November, 2020 12:59pm



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Some years ago I could only watch in horror as an eight year-old kid on a skateboard hurtled down the walkway from the Winter Gardens to Ventnor Harbour, straight into the path of a lorry that was turning into the Eastern Esplanade. It was a very near miss. Be aware that posting a video like this could lead to accidents, as fans copy the steps stunt and… Read more »

Morons on two wheels-wait while they bring in electric scooters!


That’s really cool and is amazing that the IOW is attracting the world’s best sports people.
I like the way that they checked that it was safe before going down the stairs. Obviously people have to be careful, but who wants to live a life that is a tepid glass of water?