Shanklin Fire Station Decision Approved

Shanklin fire station to stay open under new plans

Further to the news of the recommendations being made last week in relation to the modernisation of the Fire Service on the Isle of Wight, a delegated decision notice has now been released.

Steve marsh talking to Cllr WilliamsCllr Barry Abraham has made the decision to go with Option One as recommended, that Shanklin Fire Station remain open with a nucleus crewing system.

The news means that Shanklin Fire Station will remain open, but will result in fourteen redundancies across the Fire Service of retained day staff.

Thursday, 27th January, 2011 3:41pm



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the first injury or death can safely be laid at his door then…….


Shanklin Fire Station is only being ‘Saved’ to protect the political skins of David Pugh and David Williams. The firechief knows it will increase the risk to residents. But the residents of Shanklin will swallow the PR not knowing that they are at greater risk.


Its not being ‘saved’ they are cutting in half the number of tenders, so Shanklin will only have one, sacking 14 staff and re-employing five full time at an extra expense of £70k

another cock up which will threaten lives


surely its better to have one in shanklin than none. I would rather see the service split between shanklin and sandown for now than all based at sandown.

of course having one tender at Shanklin and one at Sandown is better than none…but yet again it is piecemeal solution to thye Councils absolute failure over the Bay Area Fire Station. But the logic of leaving things as they are in Shanklin with two tenders and retained firestaff without any cuts until such a time as the Bay area station can be re-address seems to have… Read more »
as i understand it, the nucleus crews will be based at either shanklin or sandown on any particular day. The other will have to work with retained fire crew, who take time to get to the station. This method allows one station to be crewed at all times every day of the week. In any case, this is whats happening and another petition is unlikely to change… Read more »

Retained Fireman £7k P/a X10 = £70k
Fulltime Freman £30k P/a X5 = £150K

Retained fireman – Available, but you have to wait for him to get there Full time Fireman – Already at the station, ready to go when the call comes in. I thought the whole idea behind the petition to keep shanklin open was to ensure response time. Thats whats now happening. Its no good saying that the council are now wasting money when they have done what… Read more »

but why not stay as they are for a couple of years until we see the back of this crises and then move to the Bay Area Fire Station, which I am hugely in favour of.

because this way you save maintenance costs, get 5 full time firemen dedicated to the job instead of retained firemen who, although dedicated, may have other commitments, oh, and you also reduce training facilities needed, which saves yet more. At the end of the day, the petition got what it wanted, which was a tender located at shanklin to reduce response times from sandown. The status quo… Read more »