St Mary’s roundabout: New junctions on target to be fully operational by late November says Cllr Ward

The roadworks at St Mary’s roundabout move into the next phase of work. Details and maps within

st marys junction roadworks sign

The next phase of work at St Mary’s junction, Newport, will help reduce congestion on Forest Road and the exit from the B&Q roundabout onto Medina Way during the final stages of the project.

The changes will come into effect from 26th October and will include the following:

  • Hunnyhill will be re-opened to northbound traffic, providing access to Forest Road and Medina Way towards Cowes only. Vehicles using this route will not be able to access Dodnor Lane or turn southbound onto Medina Way.
  • Both lanes on Forest Road will be open for traffic travelling eastbound (towards Newport) onto Medina Way to reduce traffic queues.
  • Both lanes of the dual carriageway southbound towards Newport will be reopened, but with the left-hand lane for traffic turning onto Dodnor Lane and Riverway only.

A map showing a summary of these arrangements can be found below:

St Mary's Roadworks - 26 October - 23 Nov

Meanwhile, all surfacing work at the new signalised junction has been scheduled to take place overnight when the roads are much quieter to minimise disruption.

This work will be undertaken between 2 and 26 November, between 8pm and 5am each evening, requiring both full and partial closures of the junction depending on the works being undertaken.

During this time, it will be necessary to have in place different diversion routes depending on the scheduling of work, progress and weather conditions. The main diversion route is shown on the map below:

St Mary's Roadworks - Main diversion route

The shorter, alternative diversion route, when it can be introduced, will be as follows:

St Mary's Roadworks - Shorter route

Depending on the stage of the resurfacing work, the actual diversion route will be advised in advance on social media and signed on the approach to the works.

Ward: On target to be fully operational on 26 Nov
Councillor Ian Ward, Cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, said:

“We hope the next phase will improve the flow of traffic through the area while we complete the works.  

“We have also instructed that the surfacing work at the old roundabout is to be done overnight which I am sure is the least disruptive way of completing the project.

“We remain on programme to have the junctions fully operational on 26th November in good time for the festive shopping period.”

News shared by Isle of Wight press office, in their own words. Ed

Wednesday, 21st October, 2020 5:44pm



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Oh dear, here we go again Ian Ward! This has caused the most major disruption to motorists ever seen on the Island for well over a year now. There was nothing wrong with St Marys roundabout n the first place. I suppose in a while you will be patting yourself on the back + saying there is no traffic down the dual carriageway….that’s because no traffic can… Read more »
Lucky really that Covid has reduced traffic flows generally on the Island so that the current traffic queues are just abysmal as opposed to horrendous. It will be interesting to see how this wonderful junction outperforms the old roundabout which worked fine as long as there were no tailbacks from Coppins Bridge. We should of course be thankful that the dozy councillors finally woke up to the… Read more »

Let’s call it “the ward junction” to make sure nobody forgets who’s stupid fault it was – Coppins Bridge hides the names of those responsible, but they should all be remembered as a warning.

Angela Hewitt

Actually it took more than one councillor’s vote to approve this. Remember them all – not just the conservatives. It is also my guess that it was the developer that lobbied the council to approve this queue making project. Some one has done OK out of it.


How come a developer benefits from 9 million of public money. It might have been helpful if the public had enjoyed the full story from the outset. It’s a case of count the masons in the story.


As Ozymandias said “Look upon my works ye mighty and despair”.