UKIP candidate launches his general election manifesto

UKIP candidatre, Daryll Pitcher, launches his own personal manifesto for the Isle of Wight

daryll pitcher

UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate, Cllr Daryll Pitcher, releases his manifesto for the 2017 General Election. Ed

I release my own personal manifesto for the Isle of Wight. I want to take this opportunity to explain in detail how I see the future of the Island and how UKIP national policy would directly affect us here.

There is no doubt that the Island continues to face many significant challenges. Services are not what they could be and some of the most important to us such as St Mary’s are under significant threat. Social Care must be a priority for the next Government and it is vital for us with our demographically older than average population that they get it right.

Transport remains an issue whether that be travel to or from the mainland or around the Island itself.

Education, while improving in certain areas faces significant problems in others. We are still faced with trying to improve job prospects and raising wages to a more sustainable level closer to the national and regional averages and we need to rebalance the economy to provide employment on a year round basis rather than remaining seasonal as much of it is at present.

I believe that UKIP and I have the answers to these and the other problems we face. Perhaps most importantly I will ensure that the EU Referendum result where 62% of Islanders voted Leave is implemented in full. On this I do not subscribe to the Idea that Theresa May is ‘sound’.

When her record is studied it is clear she has a history of changing tack on the EU and many other things. If you vote for me I will not allow her the leeway to wriggle out of a full implementation of Brexit including ending Free Movement of People and no longer being a member of the Single Market.

UKIP would reverse the cuts to the Social Care budget implemented by both Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Since 2010 £2bn has been removed and we would return this money. St Mary’s has struggled lately but we must give it our support and campaign to keep all services here.

I want a solution for the future of Sandown Bay Academy that keeps a Secondary School on the site providing good quality education for the pupils in the Bay area. Our economy needs regeneration and I will be the Island’s champion standing up for us in negotiations and getting a special Island Deal from Government so that we can start sorting out our problems.

Above all I will endeavor to give the Isle of Wight its confidence back. Things may be tough but I know that together we can turn our Island round and be successful once again. Remember everything is possible.

Tuesday, 6th June, 2017 12:04pm



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“The very existence of the NHS stifles competition”: Paul Nuttall


Paul Nuttall also said that UKIP wanted to ‘democratise’ the NHS. Is that a new word for ‘privatise?’


Pretty sure it is.

Pitcher talks about St Mary’s being under threat, but doesn’t mention the NHS.

Both Farage and Nuttall are on record as wanting to scrap the NHS.

Still, at least they are semi-honest about it, unlike the Tories.


14 pages? He only really needed 1 page to say “send ’em back where they came from”!


14 pages and not a word about how all this extra spending will be funded.