Vandals destroy charity’s chicken house: Appeal for donation

Do you have a spare chicken house you can donate to this Island charity?

vandalised chicken house

On Thursday night, the Hampton Trust suffered some significant damage to their Ecotherapy Centre in Shide.

As you can see from the photo, the chicken house was completely demolished and their baby chicks are due to hatch.

If anyone has a spare chicken house they are not using, would you be willing to donate to this local Island charity?

If you can, please get in touch with OnTheWight and we’ll pass on your details.

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Sunday, 24th March, 2013 8:34am



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  1. honest john

    24.Mar.2013 9:17am

    What is wrong with the idiots who do this kind of thing for “Fun”.
    This looks almost repairable. Is there not a kind retired carpenter nearby?

  2. on close inspection of the photo it does indeed look repairable. It seems to need some 4″ x 2″ or similar to fix it so perhaps a nice call to a timber yard might get the required items and even a recommendation of a local joiner? Must be a more sensible option than hoping someone has a ‘spare’ lying about?
    Have the idiots who did this been identified? If so perhaps their parents could cough up and I hope that the Trust have taken steps to prevent this happening again otherwise these morons may well decide to have some more fun!
    We ALL know that nothing will happen to these Vandals, in fact even the Vandals themselves know that they can destroy with impunity in which case perhaps repair and carry on is the only effective answer to them!

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