‘Good ground’ being made inside Winter Gardens

The much anticipated opening of the Ventnor Winter Gardens looks to be set for early summer as new manager says ‘good ground’ has been made on the interior of the building.

Winter Gardens

At the tail end of last year, owner of the Hambrough Group and Winter Gardens, Kevin Sussmilch, told OnTheWight that work would start in January to develop the iconic former venue that has stood empty for three years.

Plans have been scaled down and a Community Partnership formed with students from the Isle of Wight College to repair and renovate the 1930s building, “opening as soon as possible….in the summer or earlier?”

Good ground being made
Residents haven’t seen much happening to the exterior of the building, but according to the Winter Gardens’ new manager, Ian Bennett, work has been progressing inside.

He told OnTheWight,

“We are very encouraged by the progress of the Winter Gardens, even with the bad weather we have been experiencing, which has slightly delayed the progress to the outside of the building, but we have made good ground on the inside and are on track for an early summer opening as mentioned previously.

“When we are able to give a more definitive opening date then we will do so.”

Any local groups and interested parties who would like to speak further the Ian can do so by emailing him on [email protected]

It’ll be great to see the much-missed Winter Gardens finally open again.

Friday, 21st March, 2014 11:05am


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Ventnor Trev
I can’t wait to see the winter gardens tarted up and open again. I’m even prepared to put aside my anger about it being left to rot for years, if we can get back to sitting outside in the summer with a cold beer or glass of wine and take in the fantastic views of the Ventnor coastline. I want to be proud of Ventnor, not embarrassed… Read more »
Steve Goodman

If the student community partnership renovation is a success, I’d like to think that it could also work at the Frank James Memorial Hospital & elsewhere.

I hope this is the case too. However, looking at the outside of the building, it needs far more than a coat of paint and tidy up – I cant possibly see how that can be done by ‘ early summer’ – hope I am wrong though. Has anyone heard anymore about the front page article of the CP a few weeks ago when the local business… Read more »

Could it be that this last-minute effort, using cheap labour, is a ploy by Mr. Sussmilch to comply with the conditions of the agreement and thus avoid having to return the property ?
What happens next will be much more interesting IMO.


There were job vacancies advertised in the CP the other week, so hopefully a plan is in place.

ivan symon

We come over to your beautiful island every year and we used to love the winter gardens you could sit out overlookin the water it was lovely let’s hope we can do that this year ivan and chris