The Coronavirus pandemic hit the shores of the UK in February 2020.

The first case was confirmed on the Isle of Wight on 7th March, with the second confirmed case a week later on the 14th.

The true number of people with the virus is expected to be much higher, but community-wide testing has not been carried out due to residents self-isolating.

Below are some articles relating to the Coronavirus (Covis-19/C19) outbreak.

Isle of Wight council reverse Floating Bridge usage limitations

cowes floating bridge

Yesterday the council said the services across the Medina would be limited to blue-light and essential workers

Wednesday, 25th March, 2020 11:29am

By Simon Perry with 2 readers' comments

Kerbside waste collections continue, but please recycle say Isle of Wight council

Refuse lorry

Waste collection crews continue to work on the frontline of this health crisis, potentially putting their own safety at risk to provide this essential and much-valued council service

Wednesday, 25th March, 2020 10:44am

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Isle of Wight Coronavirus News – 25 Mar 2020

How to protect yourself

You'll be able to find all our Coronavirus-related articles here today - the page will automatically update as we add new items.

Wednesday, 25th March, 2020 10:18am

By Sally Perry

Education staff must be tested for Coronavirus says teaching union

a woman being tested for coronavirus

Staff need to know whether or not they have the virus so they can understand whether they can safely work and offer crucial support to families of key workers, says the NEU

Wednesday, 25th March, 2020 10:08am

By Sally Perry with one comment

Confirmed Coronavirus cases jump to eight overnight: ‘Without doubt we will definitely see more cases in coming days, weeks and months’ says IW NHS CEO

st mary's hospital

Just because we are on an island doesn't mean we are more protected than the Mainland

Wednesday, 25th March, 2020 9:39am

By Sally Perry with 8 readers' comments

Official confirmed Isle of Wight Coronavirus cases rises to three – but third lowest in UK

coronavirus test being carried out by lab technician

The number of official confirmed cases on the Isle of Wight have thankfully been very slow to rise. Even getting to three, the Island is the third lowest in the UK.

Tuesday, 24th March, 2020 8:35pm

By Sally Perry with 14 readers' comments

Fantastic launch to News OnTheWight’s Funding Drive: Here’s how you can contribute

the word trust engraved on a sign

Thanks to everyone who kicked off the launch of News OnTheWight’s Funding Drive. If you haven’t yet, please do - and help us continue to deliver trustworthy, independent news to the Isle of Wight.

Tuesday, 24th March, 2020 8:15pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Isle of Wight Distillery now making not-for-profit hand sanitiser – especially for key workers

someone using hand sanistiser

How’s that for giving to the community? Isle of Wight Distillery is producing not-for-profit hand sanitiser for key workers and organisations experiencing shortages. Detail inside

Tuesday, 24th March, 2020 5:50pm

By Ginnie Taylor

Floating bridge to be limited to essential workers only (Updated)

floating bridge

To make sure that everybody is following this new limitation, staff may ask passengers or drivers about their journey

Tuesday, 24th March, 2020 5:32pm

By IW Council Press Office with one comment

Call to Isle of Wight businesses to support frontline charities

support button on computer keyboard

The chairman of WightAid says, "As we enter a period of considerable difficulty, it is even more important than ever for us to stay together and support those most in need"

Tuesday, 24th March, 2020 3:20pm

By IW Council Press Office

‘We’ll be ready to welcome you in good health when the time is right’ says tourism boss to holidaymakers


The head of Visit Isle of Wight urges holidaymakers to stick to the rules imposed by the UK Government

Tuesday, 24th March, 2020 3:07pm

By Will Myles with 4 readers' comments

Southern Vectis to reduce bus services

Souther Vectis reduces bus services c19

SV also thank all of their customers for their patience and commend their front-line colleagues, pointing out that they are, "all doing a fantastic job in difficult circumstances"

Tuesday, 24th March, 2020 2:48pm

By Simon Perry with one comment