David Pugh

David Pugh became Leader of the Isle of Wight council in 2007, but lost his seat in the county election of 2013.

March 2018 David Pugh became Chairman of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association.

Below you’ll find the articles that we’ve published about him.

‘Dark Day for Island Democracy’ say Island Indies

julia baker smith

The Island Independents say the constitutional changes voted through at last night's council meeting are "even worse even than the ‘Pugh days’", adding that the "Conservatives are effectively silencing the opposition".

Thursday, 18th May, 2017 8:37am

By Julia Baker-Smith with 5 readers' comments

Cllrs Priest and Gilbey: Police investigation into electoral law breach

richard priest and jon gilbey

The election material of the Shanklin councillors has been investigated and reviewed by senior police within Gold Command. It's been found there "certainly has been a breach" of electoral law.

Thursday, 27th April, 2017 6:07pm

By Sally Perry with 50 readers' comments

KILF asked IWC candidates for assurance to keep Island Line in Franchise: Their responses

Islandline trains

The resident group KILF believes it's vital for Island Line's survival that this Isle of Wight train line must stay within the South Western Rail Franchise. Here are the results they've shared with OnTheWight of responses they got when asking for assurances from each of the local election candidates on the route.

Monday, 24th April, 2017 11:13am

By David Pugh with 27 readers' comments

Island Line: Campaign group gives cautious welcome to franchise news

direction of travel

KILF say that although Island Line is in the next franchise, its long-term future is still far from certain. They're looking forward to hearing First MTR's “exciting package of proposals".

Monday, 27th March, 2017 4:18pm

By David Pugh with 8 readers' comments

Island Line: Franchise decision delayed

Island line carriage

Those expecting to hear who's been awarded the South Western rail franchise - which includes Island Line - will have to wait an extra couple of months, after decision and implementation is delayed.

Thursday, 5th January, 2017 5:26pm

By Sally Perry with 19 readers' comments

Island Line Trains: Major victory for campaigners

victory hand on bow

After a year-long battle to protect the future of Island Line trains, a threat of judicial review against the Department for Transport has lead to a major victory for train campaigners. OnTheWight has the detail.

Friday, 12th August, 2016 6:56am

By Chris Quirk with 13 readers' comments

Island Line campaigners threaten DfT with judicial review

taking notes

Two Island Line users have submitted a 'Letter before Claim' to the Department for Transport and questions whether the DfT proposals for Island Line could amount to the thin edge of the wedge.

Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016 9:23am

By Sally Perry with 11 readers' comments

Isle of Wight Stronger In: Cabinet Minister Greg Hands MP to launch campaign

eu stars

The campaign – which includes activists from the local Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green parties – will be launched next Monday (30th May) with a speech in Newport by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Greg Hands MP.

Wednesday, 25th May, 2016 4:56pm

By David Pugh with 88 readers' comments

Campaigners call on DfT to disregard Garnett’s Island Line recommendations

stop sign

The recommendations from the Garnet Report were rejected by Isle of Wight councillors in March so members of KILF are calling on the DfT will disregard Christopher Garnett's recommendation that Island Line is excluded from the wider rail franchise.

Wednesday, 20th April, 2016 8:07am

By Sally Perry with one comment

KILF response to Garnett report: Some welcome, some disagreement

balance scales

The group set up to save Island Line, KILF, has responded to the release of the Garnett Island Line report, raising interesting points.

Friday, 5th February, 2016 10:24am

By Sally Perry with 6 readers' comments

In advance of the Garnett Island Line report KILF layout their stall

Empty train line:

Christopher Garnett's report, commissioned by the council, is due to land tomorrow. In advance, KILF run through the overview as they see it, asking people to act to save their Isle of Wight's trainline.

Thursday, 4th February, 2016 11:21am

By Chris Quirk with one comment

Campaign group launch online petition to save Island Line

island line petition

The campaign group are hoping to attract at least 10,000 signatures from across the UK.

Thursday, 14th January, 2016 1:20pm

By Chris Quirk with 10 readers' comments