Additions To No. 6 Bus Service

Timetable changes for Southern Vectis buses

Many thanks to Stuart George from the IW Bus Users Group for sending this update through. Ed

The Southern Vectis summer timetable starts next Sunday 18th April but the only changes in the Ventnor area are to service 6, which will see an increased service on Mondays to Saturdays but a slightly reduced Sunday service.

Additional no.6 buses
On Mondays to Saturdays there will be an additional bus from Whitwell to Newport at 0848, arriving at 0929.

In the late afternoon the very useful 1645 journey from Newport to Ventnor, which disappeared last September after the IW Council withdrew financial support, will be reinstated.

This will also allow an additional later journey at 1742 from Ventnor to Whitwell, Niton and Chale but which will terminate at Chale Green.

On Sundays the first journey at 0857 from Ventnor to Newport will be withdrawn, but will be partially replaced by the bus at 0848 from Whitwell to Newport.

The last journey at 1737 from Ventnor to Newport will run 5 minutes later but will in future also terminate at Chale Green. Printed timetables are expected to be available on Friday but in the meantime the complete new timetable can be accessed online.

Coaster returns end of May
The Island Coaster service to Alum Bay and Yarmouth via the Military Road will run again this year but will not start until Sunday 30th May.

Clarification on concessionary fares
There’s been some confusion about the restrictions introduced by the council on the use of the English national concessionary fares scheme from 1st April.

Pass holders can still travel free anytime at weekends and bank holidays but not before 0930 on Mondays to Fridays. However, if your journey doesn’t finish before 0930 you only need to pay as far as the bus is due at 0930.

In the evenings, provided you’ve got on the bus no later than 2300, the whole journey on that bus will be free, even after 2300.

Anniversary public meeting this weekend
If any bus users wish to raise questions or comment about any bus services on the Island, the Isle of Wight Bus Users’ Group will be holding its 25th anniversary public meeting at 1030 on Saturday 17th April at the Methodist Church Hall in Quay Street, Newport. Admission is free and representatives from Southern Vectis and the IW Council will be there to respond.

Thursday, 15th April, 2010 10:42am



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14 Comments on "Additions To No. 6 Bus Service"

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Great to see some extras added to the number 6. Thanks SV.


just noticed the Island Coaster service…. Hows it going to run when the military road is closed?

Mr Justice

Doh! How about divert inland around it?


yet it clearly says via the military road, not via an inland diversion.

Island Shocker

Well, as it’s open, they are telling the truth eh, It can go along the Military Road.


didnt say they werent telling the truth. But I havnt seen anything anywhere to say the road has reopened.

James Mitchell

When did it close? It was open today.


Well SV are scrapping the road ‘doto’) Trains in Sandown and Shanklin next year..They manage them on behalf of the council who own them. That should save them about £60,000….

but of course the only people hit by it will be tourism,which this council takes for granted and does nothing to support

Sailor Sam

Sandown Dotto has already been withdrawn, Ryde and Shanklin will run from May 30th and will be withdrawn at the end of the season I believe.


not seen the dotto in shanklin yet,,,p…h….



Sally Perry

I’m sure I saw it by the old village car park the other day ?


it is running its normal service

Bob Smith

And now the 6 is being severely cut!