All welcome to Cowes Masonic Centre open day

As part of the Freemasonary in the Community campaign, Cowes Masonic Centre open their doors to the public in the summer.

Masonic Centre:

Many thanks to John Martin from Provincial Grand Lodge of Hampshire and Isle of Wight for sharing details of this upcoming open day. Ed

The Cowes Masonic Centre in Castle Road, Cowes, will hold an ‘Open Day’ for the public on Saturday, 6th July 2013, from 10 am until 4 pm.

The Open Day will enable the public to have a greater awareness of the principles on which the United Grand Lodge of England and Freemasonry is founded. Also, its structure, how the organisation operates and the contribution it makes to modern society at local, national and international level.

An insight into Freemasonry
Island Freemasons will be on hand to give interested visitors an insight into Freemasonry and its membership. Features will include a guided tour of Lodge rooms, a display of Masonic regalia and the opportunity to talk to local masons about Freemasonry. Literature will be available for any interested parties.

Freemasonry has been active in the community for almost three centuries, with masons making significant contributions not just to charity but all areas of social and educational development. Despite this, Freemasonry has its critics and there is a perception that it is a closed society membership.

Nothing sinister or subversive
There is nothing sinister or subversive about Freemasonry but in the past the organisation has sometimes failed to communicate effectively with the society of which it is very much a part.

Before the Internet, many spread the word about Freemasonry by ‘word of mouth’ in society.

Modern social media has taken over as the online version of word of mouth and through websites, Facebook and Twitter, as well as public open days, Freemasonry in the Community is achieving a wider public awareness and understanding of the organisation and its membership.

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Island Monkey

Is this the place to see local Tory Councillor’s hard at work dressed only in pinny’s holding set-squares and trowels?

Mason Watch

Ooooh I’m looking forward to seeing the Arthur Taylor room! Some say that he was the inventor of the first “eazi – roll” zipped trouser leg for masonic impatients.


So can anyone join then? That’s a surprise! Men and women too, I presume? Marvellous. And no doubt membership lists available, so that past allegations of (for example) brother masons helping each other avoid the consequences of breaking the law, but the connection being untraceable, can never happen again? I’m completely sold on it!


We don’t need any more Freemasons on the island


The mafia of the mediocre.


I seem to recall that during their initiations they have to swear to get each other out of trouble, come what may…